Debunking the myths of sex work – from the Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Daily Life column has an article about sex work today.  You can see it here.

I think that the article is a reasonalbe and sensible wrap up of sex work.  In summary “sex workers are people too, so why not be nice to them”.  Ok, that might be a little glib, but you take my point I hope.

For the first time every I have managed to get a comment published.  I was prompted to firstly by the question raised in the article of whether male sex workers (like myself) and their clients have a different experience of the industry and the general “shaming” that goes on against sex workers.

What has delighted me constantly over the years that I have worked as an escort is the huge amount of support that I have had from both clients and from the few people in my life who I have told about what I do.

So here’s my point, amplified by the many mindless comments on the artile linked above that dismiss prostitution out of hand: being able to come to someone like me for companionship, intimacy, and sex is a vital option for both men and women to have in our society.  Why?  Because all too often the nature of our society doesn’t provide those things for people.  Perhaps they have been in an abusive relationship (emotionally, or physically) and need someone they can absolutely trust to help them repair their self-esteem, or accept intimacy again, or have a disability that prevents them from forming a conventional relationship in the first place.  Or perhaps they just want and need physical company right now, but don’t have a socially acceptable relationship to provide it.

The reasons are many and varied, but you can be absolutely sure that when people start making blanket statements about prostitution being bad/demeaning/imoral etc that the person has never worked in the industry, and probably never actually needed the services themselves (“need” being distinct here from just having indulged).

This isn’t to say that a person has to have a specific need to use my services.  But it begs the question of why can’t we treat sex as something fun to do?  People in relationships have sex for fun all the time, so why shouldn’t someone who isn’t in a relationship choose to buy sex for fun?

At the end of the day I like seeing discussion of sexuality in the media.  It may attract the trolls and nutters to denounce it as evil, but every article raises questions and gets people thinking and talking about the issues.  Which has to be a good thing.


Donations just keep coming

This is just a quick post to say thank you to the very generous ladies who have contributed donations to my fund to make my services more affordable for people with disabilities.

The total raised so far is $330, which is quite amazing for so short a time.  I am just $170 off my second $250 goal which will allow two people with disabilities to receive a discount on my service in the new year, so please keep the generosity flowing :-)

Thank you again to everyone who has donated!


Donations sought to support sexual services for the disabled

Having had a number of dates now with women who I have met via the organisation People With Disbilities I would like to go a step further and make my service more affordable to these clients.

To this end my partner suggested that I ask for donations from you, my readers to a fund that would go toward reducing the price of my service for clients who have a serious disability.

  • I am seeking donations of any size (even a dollar is fine!)
  • From anyone who cares to donate, be they individuals, or organisations
  • You can make a donation in person, or to my bank account
  • All donation will be kept anonymous (unless you ask me otherwise)
  • All donations will be listed on my Donations page
  • All distributions of donated money will be listed anonymously on the donations page
  • Donations will be used to reduce the cost of my services by two thirds to people with serious disabilites
  • Donations will be distributed as soon as they reach a level that allows the next person on the list to recieve a discount, so my first target is $250

To donate or to register to recieve a reduced cost for my services:

I have started the fund off with a donation from myself and my partner of $100.  That means that we just need another $150 to reach the first goal and give someone who really deserves it the Christmas present of, well, me! So, drop me a line, or send me a text and give a few dollars.  As worthy causes go, it is one that very few people even know of, let alone care about.  People with disabilites deserve the oportunity to experience their sexuality, just like the rest of us!


An invitation from People With Disabilities

The Australian organisation People With Disabilities contacted me recently to ask if I would be interested in providing escort services for the people who they represent.  I am told that sadly there are very few male escorts for women who provide services for the disabled.

I have to say that I feel quite honoured to have been invited by PWD to assist them.  I am looking forward to working with their staff and clients and taking my services to a group of people who are so often overlooked in our society.

So thank you PWD for this opportunity, I look forward to making a difference for some deserving women.