Donations sought to support sexual services for the disabled

Having had a number of dates now with women who I have met via the organisation People With Disbilities I would like to go a step further and make my service more affordable to these clients.

To this end my partner suggested that I ask for donations from you, my readers to a fund that would go toward reducing the price of my service for clients who have a serious disability.

  • I am seeking donations of any size (even a dollar is fine!)
  • From anyone who cares to donate, be they individuals, or organisations
  • You can make a donation in person, or to my bank account
  • All donation will be kept anonymous (unless you ask me otherwise)
  • All donations will be listed on my Donations page
  • All distributions of donated money will be listed anonymously on the donations page
  • Donations will be used to reduce the cost of my services by two thirds to people with serious disabilites
  • Donations will be distributed as soon as they reach a level that allows the next person on the list to recieve a discount, so my first target is $250

To donate or to register to recieve a reduced cost for my services:

I have started the fund off with a donation from myself and my partner of $100.  That means that we just need another $150 to reach the first goal and give someone who really deserves it the Christmas present of, well, me! So, drop me a line, or send me a text and give a few dollars.  As worthy causes go, it is one that very few people even know of, let alone care about.  People with disabilites deserve the oportunity to experience their sexuality, just like the rest of us!