Below is a selection of photos of me and six short films. Some are casual, some are naked! So be warned, some of these images and all of the films are “not safe for work”.


Ms Kay’s pleasure…

Do you like erotic massage? Sensual touch? Long, slow oral sex…

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

Ten minutes to orgasm…

This is the first erotic short film I ever made.  I still enjoy watching it, even now.  I hope you like it too.

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

Have you ever wondered…

Many of the women who contact me ask the question: “So what would a booking with you be like?”. I’m pleased to say that now I can show you…

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

Sensual afternoon

Would you like to slow down for a little while? Take a bath together… Spend some time exploring touch and kissing… Then going further…

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

Doxy play

So. I came into possession of a Doxy vibrator recently (not permanently sadly, but for now it’s mine!).  I’m not a big fan of using sex toys on myself usually, but the reputation of the Doxy as a really powerful vibrator got me curious…

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

A sensual (NSFW) massage with Hanna

If you are wondering what a massage with me might be like, here’s a little taste for you.

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

A different view on oral sex…

Sex doesn’t have to always happen in the bedroom – or oral sex for that matter.

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:

Touching me…

If you want to see a little bit more of me, this is a good place to start!

You can download the film here if streaming is unreliable on your device:


16 thoughts on “Photos

  1. Loved your 10 minutes….if I ever get a better paying job I’ll pop over for a visit. I listened to the Kim Hill interview and curiosity got the better of me 🙂. Mind you I have saved for other things that are important to me. I may put you on the list 😂

    • Thank you Michelle :-) I’m glad you liked my film. I know my services are not cheap – and it’s a long way to travel – so thank you for considering me!

    • Thank you Fay! :-)
      I am here for you when you are ready – and feel free to drop me a line if you would like to chat. I’m always happy to talk and hopefully allay any fears.

  2. Your videos are all with slim women which would make me much too self conscious to contact you. How about picking a client in her 40s or 50s with a more normal and average body and filming an intimate scene to put me at ease?

    • Hi Vanessa, thank you for your comment. This is an ongoing problem for me with filming erotic content – and one that I would like to resolve.

      The problem is finding plus size and older women who would be willing to film with me. I have not yet met a plus size woman who felt comfortable enough with her body to do that.

      I am sure that there are women out there who would consider it, but it is not easy to find them. I am open to working with anyone who would like to film with me and especially if they are plus size, a person of colour, or any other minority that is under represented in our visual culture.

      This is an important discussion and one that I am very open to having.


      • Thanks for answering so promptly. Might be worth canvassing your clients – you never know, it might just fulfil a fantasy for someone! I’m sure if they were shot without showing their face (if they had anonymity concerns)- that you’d find someone willing who was already comfortable with you sexually!

        • I appreciate the suggestion Vanessa and it is the logical answer to the problem. All but one of the people I have filmed with is, or was a client and I have never had a plus size client interested in filming with me sadly. It’s also something that requires care and consideration even to suggest, which further complicates the matter. I always want to be sure that any request for a co-star is appropriate to make.

          I will state for the record here though – to any woman who would like to create a film with me to be displayed on this website – you are very welcome to let me know. Age, ethnicity, size, body type, or disability are not limiting factors, so please don’t feel that you are not suitable because of some physical feature.

          I always ensure anonymity and engage in filming with the utmost respect and care for the well being of the person working with me. Finally, in all my films my costar the right of veto if they are not happy with my depiction of them.

          • That’s a very considered and reassuring answer and I hadn’t thought about the ask to the client. Hopefully, the suitable lady will read this and ask as a result! It’s always the best to promote diversity and not just slim as some type of ideal, as it definitely did not make me feel confident seeing only slim bodies naked!

          • Yes, here’s hoping :-) I agree that diversity matters and I would very much like to contribute to inclusive depictions of women.

  3. Hi John Oh,
    are you still looking for a mid-age, normal looking, not really a plus size, but definitely the usual expectations of women, and not one that is as trim taught and terrific as the beautiful girls in your current videos,
    May I say, your videos are absolutely beautiful and very professional,
    if so, that you are still considering to make a video as in the above conversations, I am happy to discuss the probabilities at anytime,
    It will be largely depend on the financials of my out of pocket expenses, being that I would be traveling from Brisbane purposely to validate your fantastic website, and maybe be of assistance to other ladies who may have doubts with being at peace with their own bodies,
    Incidentally, I have only ever been with one man in my whole life and have never been on any websites like yours before, Your talents and website were offered to me by a friend and I have had the great pleasure of perusing through and found this section, It has taken a huge amount of courage to write to you, but I am happy to discuss further if you are still looking for an alliance for your video, Thank you very much Zoe,

    • Zoe and I have made a film together and are *very* close to releasing it. I really hope that everyone enjoys it when we do and it helps to show that anyone can be a client of a sex worker – and make beautiful erotica.

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