The price of virginity? Too high …

UPDATE: the auction has now finished and it looks like a woman had the highest bid.  Thankfully! (of $3000).

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to contribute, I really appreciate the compassion and generosity that you showed.


I came across an article today in the Fairfax Daily Life website:

Initially I thought “oh yes, just another virginity for sale story”.  I thought it was going to be about a guy auctioning his virginity as we read about women doing occasionally.  In principle I don’t have a problem with this sort of thing.  We live in a world where everything is driven by money, so if a person is mature enough and self directed to auction their virginity then it’s a genuine way to get ahead, pay for your education, put down a deposit for a house etc.  It makes sense and if you are an adult then no-one can stop you, even if I might advise against it personally.

What was described in this article though is utterly wrong.

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Donations just keep coming

This is just a quick post to say thank you to the very generous ladies who have contributed donations to my fund to make my services more affordable for people with disabilities.

The total raised so far is $330, which is quite amazing for so short a time.  I am just $170 off my second $250 goal which will allow two people with disabilities to receive a discount on my service in the new year, so please keep the generosity flowing :-)

Thank you again to everyone who has donated!