An invitation from People With Disabilities

The Australian organisation People With Disabilities contacted me recently to ask if I would be interested in providing escort services for the people who they represent.  I am told that sadly there are very few male escorts for women who provide services for the disabled.

I have to say that I feel quite honoured to have been invited by PWD to assist them.  I am looking forward to working with their staff and clients and taking my services to a group of people who are so often overlooked in our society.

So thank you PWD for this opportunity, I look forward to making a difference for some deserving women.


2 thoughts on “An invitation from People With Disabilities

  1. This is such a wonderful thing and I was only talking to my friend about it recently. She works in disability care and she said that the sexual care of some people aren’t often though of, and it’s true. It’s great that these services can be provided to people who need it.

    • Hi Natalie,

      Thanks for your comment :-) Its interesting to hear that you were talking about this. I think that its a taboo subject for many people (sexuality and the disabled). Yet they are people just like you and I in many respects and their disability doesn’t stop them feeling the emotion of pleasure and arousal that we do.

      Their disability makes sexual services all the more important since they have fewer (if any) opportunity to experience sex in their day to day lives like we do.

      The more talk the better! So thank you for your comment and feel free to pass my details along to your friend if they might be useful to the people she cares for.


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