When you are making a booking, please try to do so at least two days in advance. This allows me to prepare properly for our date, and usually ensures that I am available. Please let me know when you book if you have any special request, or alergies to foods, oils, or latex.

Due to unusually high rates of spam to my email accounts I have made my spam filter more discriminating.  As a result some genuine emails may be filtered to spam accidentally.  I try to reply to emails withing 12 hours, especially for first contacts, so if you don’t hear from me promptly, then your email may have been caught.  That being the case, a text message, or phone call would be a good backup.  Thank you for your understanding on this issue.  The Internet is a great tool, but has it’s limitations!

You can call or text me on:

  • Australia: 0437 520 539
  • International: +614 37 520 539


Skype name:

  • johnohescort  (note: I don’t keep a close eye on Skype, so it’s best to email or text me first if you would like to chat on Skype)

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey John, i like your site and job you do. Doesn’t know how i came across of it but keep up your work regardless what other have to say about it.

    A man from distant land, sLOVEnia.

  2. Merry Christmas John and best wishes for 2018. I’m sure your new year will be full of lots more creative projects and genuine kindness towards people :)

    • Hi Kate :-)

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked the Sense8 post – it truly is one of my favourite shows ever.

      Regarding trans clients – I have had several dates with two trans women during my time as a sex worker. It was an interesting experience that I enjoyed, but my conclusion was that the physical attraction just wasn’t strong enough for me – which is the most important thing for me to be able to offer a service that I can justify charging for.

      I don’t want to say yes to a booking and then disappoint someone, let alone take their money.

  3. John,
    I am writing to merely express my admiration for you as a thoughtful business person who deserves every success. I live much too far to consider enjoying your services, but I so enjoyed going through your website. In fact, you’ve given me some ideas on how to update my (educ.) site.
    Here’s hoping you enjoy what you do and are doing terrifically well.

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