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Well, Jas Strong and I were booked together tonight, but our client has just cancelled due to illness.

So – we are both free and available to you in Sydney tonight. If you have ever wanted to experience two men concentrated entirely on your pleasure then here’s your chance!

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“Yes Water Based” brand lube – an update

So the new lube I decided to try while looking for something to replace the Sylk lube that I have used for the last twelve years turned up very promptly – thank you I appreciate the rapid service.

If you haven’t seen my previous post here’s a summary: the company that manufactures Sylk lubricant in New Zeeland has lost its way since it was bought out be a foreign company, culminating in three batches of Sylk being recalled last year. They seem to no longer be manufacturing any significant quantity of their product now and it is effectively impossible to buy.

So I looked around for a replacement and found Yes Water Based lube. People seem to think that it is the closest thing to Sylk available.

I bought a tube (first difference, it comes in a tube, not a rigid bottle, which isn’t really a big deal) and have tried it out and I’m here to report the results!

So Yes Water Based lube is quite similar to Sylk at first glance. Similar colour. Similar texture. However while Sylk is a loose gel, Yes is definitely a liquid. If you turn the tube upside down Yes will drip out. If you turn a bottle of Sylk upside down the lube will stay put until you squeeze. You need to keep this in mind as it’s easy to lose a lot of Yes if you’re not careful!

How does it feel? Between your fingers Yes feels pretty similar to Sylk. It last well and seems to wet up again ok, but not as well as Sylk perhaps.

Now from my point of view – wearing a condom – it is very hard to notice any real difference in the texture and feel of Yes to Sylk. However it doesn’t seem to last quite as long. And I have also noticed that when it finally dries out Yes does tend to feel a little bit “sticky” which is disappointing!

I have also tried it for masturbation and I think that while it is thinner than Sylk, it doesn’t feel quite as slippery and requires more applications more frequently.

At the end of the day Yes seems to be a reasonable alternative to Sylk. It will do the job and isn’t much more expensive – but I really hope that one day Sylk get their act together and I can go back to the old faithful…


Condoms and Road trippin.

Now it’s been a while since I took a good road trip and I will say that I’ve forgotten the quirks of bathrooms in country pubs and in this case truck stops.

Who else remembers the venerable bathroom condom vending machine?

Good to see they’re still thinking about the ladies pleasure and stocking the “super ribbed and textured” variety! (or am I misreading the target market here?)


Never had sex

I haven’t written about this topic in a while, partly because I think I have said most of what needs to be said. You can read my previous posts here: virginity (at time of writing there are 16 articles relating to first time sex). I have also written some articles which can be found here: My offer for virgins

However someone sent me a link to this recent article from the ABC so since it’s topical again I thought perhaps it was worth covering again.

The part that stands out to me in this article is how “never having had sex” effects people’s lives beyond just missing out on actually having sex.

From the headline “…make her feel like an outsider” – I was talking about this twelve years ago back when I was new to the industry and it understandably hasn’t changed.

When you haven’t had the experiences that your friends and family have had and you can’t share them – or worse you can’t even relate to them it has serious negative effects on your ability to connect with the people around you.

If you have never had sex it puts you on the outside in almost every social situation and that can be a terribly lonely and isolating place to be that will absolutely make your life less happy.

Jo’s last words in the article are: “You don’t really miss what you’ve never had, right?”

I disagree. You may not be conscious of what you are missing, but our bodies have a lot of stuff hardwired into them and sex and reproduction are one of the most primal aspects of our biology and psychology. Even if we aren’t conscious of missing something there will be effects – emotional and physical. I think that it is reasonable to say that we can miss something we have never had, even if we aren’t aware of what we are missing.

I don’t expect that Jo will ever read this post, but other women in a similar situation probably will. Let me say this to you: almost every woman who comes to me who wants to have sex for the first time (and I usually see at least two or three each year ranging in age from 20 to 45) say to me afterwards: “is that it? Why was I so worried about it?” and often “I wish I’d just done it earlier, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much”.

It’s always heartbreaking for me hearing those words. Our society makes *such* a huge deal out of sex – “Don’t have it! You’ll get a disease/pregnant/go to hell!”, “You must have sex or you’re not cool!”, “You can’t have the sex you want because [reasons…]”

So many conflicting pressures, so much stress over something that is and should be a natural and easy part of our lives.

The reality is that everyone deserves to have safe, consensual sex. If you have never had sex and you want to get over that emotional and mental hurdle then reach out to me. I am happy to talk and discuss your situation and your needs and if it feels right, give you an experience that set you on the road to a fulfilling sex life.


Research shows … that people in their 50s and 60s were having the best sex of their lives”

Our society edits out the notion of older people having sex from our collective consciousness. It’s not something that anyone really wants to talk about.

The reality – as discussed in this article – is that people are just people. Young or old we tend to like sex.

The most important thing though is that as we get older the sex tends to get better! That is really encouraging to me.

Many of the women I meet in my work have reached a point in their lives where they are no-longer having sex. Marriages change, children get in the way, work, stress, and myriad things can lead a person to living a sexless life.

Then we can start to question if we deserve sex, or if we should be having it as an older person?

The answer is always, yes we do deserve sex, no matter what our age.

The challenge then is how do we find “good” sex?

There is no simple answer to that of course. Online dating tends to be a rolling dumpster fire. Our lives have become increasingly busy and stressful, making it ever harder…

I think that the best answer is: we need to invest real time and effort into making connections with people who represent our values and have shared interests – because the better the connection you have with a sexual partner the better the sex can be.

That’s not to say that flings and one night things can’t be hugely fun, but there is a time and a place for that and it’s not necessarily the way to find satisfying and fulfilling sex in the long term.

I believe that sex workers can be a part of the solution here too. It may be in the short term, helping someone who has lost their sexual confidence to find it again, or in the long term being a reliable, safe, and attentive lover who makes up for something that is missing from a marriage, or a busy life that has limited opportunities to meet people.


Yes Water Based lube

So my order of Yes Water Based lube arrived today!

First look and feel seems pretty good. It is very similar in texture to my preferred Sylk lube, but possibly a little thinner.

It seemed to last about as long as Sylk in a finger tip test and it also seemed to regain it’s lubricating nature reasonably well when it did dry up (just like Sylk) by adding some water.

But you don’t really know what a lube is like until you put it to the actual test! I will report back when I have had the opportunity to try it out properly with someone.


Yoni massage

If you have spent any time learning about, or in the sex positive community then you have probably come across the term “yoni massage”, but you may not be familiar with what it actually means.

While browsing YouTube recently I watched a video on the topic that I thought was quite a good explanation.

In short yoni massage is the massaging of the area of the mons pubis, inner thighs including vulva and the perineum, and inside the vagina. For a more detailed explanation the video does a great job.

If you are thinking about booking a session with a straight male sex worker like myself, but you aren’t sure if you want to go all the way to having penetrative sex then a yoni massage might be a great middle ground to give you an intense erotic experience without being too challenging!

It can be a very enjoyable form of foreplay or it can be an entire experience in an of itself. It can also be a great starting point for a woman who is a virgin and wants to have sex for the first time (or for the first time in a long while), but would like to build up to the experience of vaginal penetration.


A crisis in lubrication!

As I’m sure you can imagine lube is one of the most important things for my work. Everyone needs lube with condoms – I know that some women feel self conscious about needing lube, but condoms dry up natural and artificial lubrication and it needs to be replenished regularly during sex with a condom.

Many, many years ago I came across Sylk personal lubricant. It’s made in New Zealand, based on an extract from kiwi fruit (just think how slippery the inside of a kiwi fruit peel is!), it’s organic and PH appropriate – and it feels as natural as any lube I have ever used. I love Sylk and generally buy it in boxes of 50.

Sadly though I have just discovered that Sylk is not currently available – anywhere! Again!

Some years ago the company that manufactures Sylk was sold to an American interest, who (if I remember the story correctly) promptly changed the source of the glycerin used in Sylk to one derived from palm oil (which was cheaper I expect), causing Sylk’s “organic” status to be lost, so the product was withdrawn from sale in Australia. Eventually that issue was resolved and Sylk became available in Australia again.

In the mean time I would buy Sylk online direct from New Zealand and all was well.

However something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

I tend to buy Sylk in bulk once every year or two and my supply is currently running low. So today, I decided to order some more. Sylk is still listed in many online stores, but all but one listed it as “out of stock”. This lead me to ask Google the question “why is Sylk not available”.

The answer is that back in early 2023 Sylk (after another change of ownership) had to recall three batches of their product due to an issue with mold being found in some bottles in the UK. This is extremely disappointing of course as I have used and trusted Sylk literally for the fourteen years I have been a sex worker.

Production still has not been restored and there is only a trickle of supply available globally.

So we come to the “Denmark” question. I was very disappointed to hear that the company had been sold back in 2016. I can understand the original owner’s desire to make the most of their creation, but what is perfectly clear now is that management of the company is not what it used to be and customers who love and rely on the brand are being forced to go else where. To make matters worse the company was sold again in 2023. It really feels like Sylk as a business has lost its way.

Which is where I am left today – trying to figure out the best option for the single most important product that I use almost every day.

So far the best I can find is this: YES Organic Water Based Natural Lubricant 50ml

People online seem to like it as an alternative, so I have bought a bottle and will give it a go. I *really* hope that it is a good as it claims, but only time will tell. Sadly it’s about twice the price that I used to be able to buy Sylk for, although at least part of that will be recent inflation I expect.

I will report back when I receive it and know more.

In the mean time please feel free to drop a comment below on your favourite lube. I’m interested to hear your thoughts: water based, or silicon? Thick, or thin? What works best for you?


Sex work and burnout

I was contacted recently by a woman who has had a good but ultimately disappointing experience with using the services of sex workers. She was interested to know what I thought about the problem of “burnout” in sex workers as she has lost two sex workers that she has been seeing to them leaving the industry due to burnout.

There are a few ways to look at this. From the point of view of the individual sex worker, the client, and the industry as a whole.

I have been working as a male sex worker for women for fourteen years (as of 2024). In all of that time I have not “taken a break” from sex work. This is partly because I love the work, because I am committed to my clients, and lastly because I try to manage myself so that I don’t get burnout.

I think that I probably have more natural inclination to this work than most men, but everyone has limits which we need to respect. One of the traps of sex work is that – if you are successful – the money can be very good. This can drive a sex worker to take every booking that comes along. And that’s great if you have the energy and stamina for both the physical aspects of sex work, but also the emotional aspects.

Most people who see a sex worker – and more so women – aren’t there simply to “have sex” and leave. There’s a reason why my two hour booking is my most popular session – it takes time to relax and connect and be “ready” and then it’s nice to have some after-care and time to unwind and enjoy the “after glow”.

All of that requires that a sex worker be physically and emotionally “present” and to not “check-out” from their client. This is something that I am quite good at I believe and respectful of in my sessions. It does require emotional energy though and no matter home much we lover our work there is a finite supply. It is really important that as a sex worker I manage that energy and I monitor myself so that I can give a consistent experience that is up to the standards that I set for myself.

Now there are lots of things that can impact our physical and emotional energy – stress (financial, personal etc), lack of sleep – and taking too many bookings too close together.

So as a sex worker my work and life are intimately connected and I have to be very aware of how each part effects the other and allow for that. If you have been reading my website recently then you may know that I am in the process of losing some weight. I realised that my slowly increasing weight was effecting my fitness and energy levels, so I’ve been working for the last three months to make changes to improve – I’m currently about 13kg down with 6kgs to go to get to my target weight and I am happy with how much better I feel in myself and about myself as a result.

All of this is to say that as a sex worker your job is much, much more closely connected to your life outside of the work than most careers. When I’m running my other small business I can generally get up in the morning, regardless of how I feel emotionally or physically and go and do good work for my clients and it won’t matter if I’m sad, or stressed, or happy. I can still do the job just as well.

That isn’t the case with my sex work. With sex work I have to look ahead to my bookings and plan my life around it. I have to ensure that I get enough rest, that I’m not wrapped up in anything too emotional, or drained by too much work close together. It takes real effort and attention.

Being older helps with that. I just have more life experience, including a lot of experience running my own businesses, managing my time and energy. Not everyone has that experience and I think that is a major risk, especially for younger workers who may be very enthusiastic, but can fall into the trap of just doing too much – in their sex work and/or in their personal life.

Commitment to the work also matters here. I see sex work as a career – not something that I do for fun, or “on the side”, or out of necessity. I love my work, I want to continue doing it for as long as women and couples want to book me. So I am invested in being able to maintain my mental and physical health and to avoid burnout.

From a client’s perspective burnout has some obvious consequences – paying for an experience that isn’t as enjoyable and satisfying as you would expect, losing “the magic” that is part of what clients come to see us for, and in the worst case where burnout causes a worker to quit the industry entirely, they lose a connection that my be very important and built over many years entirely. Which can be a very traumatic experience, akin to losing a conventional relationship even.

So as a sex worker I need to keep in mind the commitment that I make to my clients, especially those whom I see regularly for a long time. While I may not have an explicit commitment beyond individual sessions, I do feel that I need to respect that connection that I have and the investment that my clients make in me. To that end while I have never considered retiring from sex work, if I did then I would probably try to give my clients at least a year – or years – warning so that they weren’t suddenly abandoned.

Lastly, when sex workers get burnout and can’t give clients the experience that they want, or leave the industry entirely that is detrimental to the reputation of the industry as a whole. The woman who prompted me to write this post – having lost the services of two sex workers in a row has serious reservations about engaging with another sex worker as she just expects that anyone she meets now will in due course quit the industry and leave her to find a new provider once again.

That is bad for everyone (clients and workers) long term and while I understand the role that sex work plays socially (allowing people with few skills or options to earn good money where they otherwise might not be able to), there is a benefit to our industry becoming more stable and “professional”. I don’t expect that to change, but I will do my part to provide a long term reliable service to anyone who wants to see me.