Following are testimonials from some of the wonderful women and couples I have been lucky enough to meet over the years that I have worked as a male escort.

From women …

I have a severe disability and I have been seeing John for 10 years now. We met in August of 2011, when I first saw John, I wanted to have sex with him right there and then! He had, and still has a beautiful soul. The way he presented himself, he came across as a gentleman. December of that year we arranged to have sex and it was the best experience of my life, to be touched by a man and then having sex was really awesome.

I can still remember the first time like it was yesterday, it was a beautiful date because John made me feel like a natural woman. Having sex with John was and still is awesome. John is such a beautiful man because he takes the time to make sure that I’m comfortable and enjoying our sex dates.

Now I’m in my forties, the sex with John always ends in climax and a lot of explosive orgasms.

I would recommend John to any of my lady friends because he is so gentle and thoughtful, he tries to make sure that you are having a good time with him.

A, Sydney

“Cover me in sunshine”

Motherhood is… a lot sometimes. Add in sexual assault recovery and, on many days, it can feel like too much. And that’s before adding in the mix of social pressures that seem to coldly and consistently say to women everywhere, “You are not enough.”

A playgroup friend said, “You need a spa day.”

I mean, sure. That sounded appealing.

But instead (and it’s fair to say I’m not exactly unclear on the segue here), I found myself booking something else altogether.

A few weeks later, on a sunny Saturday, I was enjoying pain au chocolat and chatting, for the first time, with one of Sydney’s most experienced male escorts.

Regarding the hours that followed, words escape me, almost entirely.

So I’ll simply skip to the next day. I was at the beach, awash with delicious memories. The sun was out again and my ice cream was already beginning to melt in the afternoon heat. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Mesmerising ocean waves rolled in the distance, their vastness captivating me as I felt the soft sea breeze on my face.

Meanwhile, I looked down at the ice cream. Melting creamy deliciousness was flowing, drop by drop, all over me. Until really there was nothing left but a soft mess of sensual, sticky sweetness. A little bit like how I felt after my session with John.

Thank you, John, for covering me in sunshine 🌞. In one afternoon, you showed me all that is good in the world. Tell me I’ll see you soon. Kisses


I recently booked with John after stumbling across his online site, I was really hesitant at first and waited 5-6 months before deciding to contact him.

He really made me feel comfortable, the reason I sought his services is because I wanted to see if having an intimate massage with someone professionally would enable to me relax a bit and explore my sexuality.

Due to a past trauma of being sexually abused and molested in my teens I have found it very hard to fully relax with the opposite gender, always feeling tensed when even being touched sometimes even in a non sexual way or simply just a kiss. It has Impacted my relationships so I thought to maybe reach out to a professional like John although I had my doubts as I wasn’t 100% at ease with a man I knew I can only imagine with someone I met online.

John kept in contact with me prior to our appointment. I feel like that allowed me to get to know him better and get an idea on the type of guy he was. I liked that when I got to John’s apartment we didn’t just get into it right away. He broke the ice, we conversed over a nice cup of tea. I felt already comfortable and safe.

I liked how reassuring he was during the session, always consenting and making sure I was onboard with each next step. I had a great night with John, the whole experience felt magical and I could only ask myself why did I wait this long! I will definitely rebook in future!

A, Sydney

I had such a wonderful time today John. Thank you for everything today! I was smiling ear to ear on that drive home. You have such a good energy about you and although I was so nervous I was completely at ease around you thanks to your relaxed vibe. I hope you get to see Exmouth when Covid ends! Hopefully talk/meet again soon. Your whole body is magical.

Aa, Sydney

Hi John,

I would like to say thank you to you John for a great 40th birthday celebration night . I liked spending time with you and chatting . You are so an interesting man and I like having intellectual conversations with you. The sex and oral sex has always been great for the last 8 years.

A, Sydney

Thank you John.

OH how wonderful you are. Our recent date was exhilarating to say the least. I will never forget the bike ride, the start of great foreplay for the evening. I loved how you rubbed my legs each time we stopped at the traffic lights. You don’t know what a turn on that was.

I really enjoyed relaxing on the window seats in the room at the hotel with that amazing view just talking, with you massaging my legs and feet. You are so sensual, it gives me lovely shivers even now, a week later.

I love your passion for life and you are an articulate, kind, gentle & beautiful man.

Your hands, wow, they are delightful. The full body massage was out of this world, you had me quivering with the first strokes. Your whole body, tongue, fingers, mouth & other bits are so sexy, you are just the whole smoking silver fox package.

Thank you for indulging me all night and the surprising morning sex, what a view to wake up too.
Good morning Sydney!


I wanted to write a testimonial for John to thank him for the kindness and care he has shown me, and the great pleasure he has brought me.

If you want a date with a musclebound beefcake who keeps trying to catch his own image in every reflective surface he passes, then John’s not for you. But if you’re there for an interesting, engaging and clever conversationalist who also happens to be an incredibly skilled and sensual sexual partner – give John a call.

And that’s not to say that John’s hard on the eyes. Rather the reverse: over six foot of blue/green eyed, athletic and toned male. In public, his seemingly endless legs are usually blue-denim clad and often the whole ensemble is topped by a leather jacket, sometimes even a motorcycle jacket. And he has fore-arms and hands to make the pulse speed up…

Nope, definitely not hard on the eyes.

I’ve been lucky enough to have several dates with John over the last 18 months or so, and it’s always a wonderful and joyful experience. It’s also just damned good fun.

I’ve even had the privilege of travelling with him for a long weekend away, and that’s an experience I definitely recommend. As an extra-long date, it’s an absolute treat. But in addition, John is a perfect travel companion: relaxed, accommodating, easy-going, but ready to step in and help if things need to be sorted out.

John is interesting and widely read, an informed and entertaining dinner or travel companion. He’s also a genius at understanding a woman’s body. He has made mine do things I didn’t know it could and I’ve had it for decades! He has never needed any guidance other than my body’s natural shivers and twitches and moans, which is a gift indeed. Half the time I may not know exactly what I want, but he will.

When I first saw John I was at a fairly sad point in my life and was frankly terrified of getting my gear off with a new man, never mind having sex with him. John was gentle and empathetic and exactly what I needed. After my first orgasm I cried, after my second I smiled, and after my third I had a grin on my face that was still there the next morning. The experience truly was transformative.

Over the intervening period my life has improved and I’m not quite such a sad sack anymore. Nor so scared about showing my long-way-from-perfect body. Some of that is down to John – he’s so good for the mental health that he really should attract a Medicare rebate.

And it’s interesting how John has changed his interactions with me over time. He’s still gentle, because I’m never going to be a screaming from the chandeliers type of woman, but as I’ve relaxed he’s eased me into more fun and laughter.

On a recent occasion I saw him at my place. There I was, at about 10 o’clock on the Friday night before a long weekend, unable to get the cistern in the loo to stop running. So John packed me out of the way and fixed it for me! He joked that it’d be a great twist on a standard porn script, where the male escort shows up and fixes the plumbing …

Ladies: If you’re wondering whether you should see him, just do it. You won’t regret it. Even if you’re not sure seeing a male escort is for you, not sure what you want… trust John to work it out and make it good for you.

John: Thank you. Words aren’t enough, but thank you.

E, Canberra ACT

I have been seeing John for 6 years, now.
John is the gentlest man who I have ever known and he’s really genuine. He’s a really beautiful man.

I always look forward to seeing John because he’s so sweet man and the sex if always tremendous and the oral.

He always makes me to feel comfortable in his presence, when I’m in his presence I feel that I’m only the woman on the earth.  There is only one John on the earth.

Thank you, John, for your excellent service.

A, Sydney NSW

Gentle mastery
Safe to surrender, receive
Orgasmic bliss Oh!

A, Northern NSW

I booked John after a break up when I was at one of the lowest points since highschool more than a year ago. I hadn’t slept with anyone new in a long time and it was so difficult trying to meet new people I could trust.

Turns out that booking an escort was the way to go and I couldn’t have picked anyone better. He has been only the second (out of many) partners who has been giving and caring in the bed – it’s just a shame it took paying an escort to find that. But don’t get me wrong, John is a genuinely selfless man who genuinely cares about the women he sees. A true feminist in all aspects.

He is an interesting man with a lot to offer and he is worth every dollar (his rates are also pretty good). He makes you feel relaxed and at ease, takes the pressure off being pleasured. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an escort!

It’s been over a year since I first met him and I still talk about him to my partner from a purely platonic perspective. I’m very grateful I chose to go through and book a session with him. I think it was one of the best decisions of my life because I’ve only moved forward and progressed from there. Since seeing John things have only gotten better. And I’m grateful we can still talk. I enjoy his company :)

A, Sydney

I wanted to send a testimonial through for John, and his care.  By my late thirties, I’d never been with anyone, had a boyfriend, or even had much to do with any touching, and there were only a few kisses over the years. I am also plus size woman, think more tribal earth mother than woodland nymph, so for me being naked with anyone as well as an inexperienced virgin I thought it would be a miracle anyone would want to be intimate with me.  Instead of waiting for something to happen, which is what I have been doing until now, I decided to take control.

After some research, I chose John to help set me on my path to overcome my fears and arranged an overnight date with him.  We met and started with dinner to ease into the evening.  He is an intelligent, articulate and sensual man and very good company and his conversation set me at ease quickly.  We finished dinner and went up to the room, and things progressed.  We had a bit more of an open chat because I was still nervous, then John gave me a very sensual massage, and then we had sex.

It turns out that there can be exceptions to the rule of your first time being too painful to enjoy it, while it was still a little uncomfortable, there was a lot of tension, but not as bad as what I thought it might be.  John read my expressions and eased his way in in such a way that was gentle and then definitely fun.  He played my body to orgasm many times, and I came every time, even my first time, and more than once.  I also walked around naked, but I didn’t feel judged and personally I really liked watching how comfortable John is with his body, it gave me confidence, and I liked looking too.

Because I am new to this, I also got some great lessons that any beginner should have in their bag of tricks, for fun and for safety ;-). So, thank you John, I have so much more to learn but you gave me a really fantastic start and I appreciate you very much for your help and your kindness.  Also, yes, now I can say that there really is nothing quite like a good fuck!

Dee, NZ

This was a new experience for me by contacting John. The massage is a great way to begin with John’s magnificent hands which made me feel relaxed and comfortable for a wonderful night of passion.

He is a gentle, caring and wonderful person who made me feel special, sexy and loved. John has that amazing ability to give you that mind blowing Orgasm. The sex was amazing and we both shared a fabulous time together. I feel very much at ease being with John and I believe we have a great connection with each other which has enabled me to come out of my comfort zone and also take control of my sexuality. Thank you John for the most wonderful experience. xxx

A, Sydney

I would recommend an experience with John to every woman!  He has a gentle and loving energy and allowed me to feel so comfortable and so special with him.  I felt so empowered as a woman after our amazing experience.  He reignited a part of me I had lost.

A, Sydney

John is a delightful man! Patient, compassionate, understanding & empathetic. Being with him felt empowering, honoring & a real gift to self!

John is a true ambassador for the feminine in all her forms & presentations, and as such he seemed to genuinely love the experience just as much as I did! A natural giver, he is a truly special soul, passionately educating women on the joys of great sex.

His mission is sexual expression & freedom for women. His REAL talent however shows up is in his anatomical knowledge & sexual finesse. From the moment he laid his hands on my skin, I knew without a doubt that I was in for a pleasurable ride with an experienced professional. John is a man who knows with ‘fighter pilot precision’ how to guide a woman beyond her negative self-talk & fear of experiencing true sensuality (and good thing, as I was very nervous!) directly into the very essence of her individual pleasure! If you are nervous (as I was).. don’t be! If you are worried, he will make you comfortable. And if you are hesitating, STOP! This will be a gift to self you will NOT regret! Thank you John x

T, Sydney

Dear John,

Yes, this is a Dear John letter, but like that of no other … reason being purely due to the uniqueness of your gifts and your gifts :)

I’m finding it a bit of a challenge to articulate into words how the experience you gave me caused me to feel – not just the sensory banquet naturally, but also the gentle and patient allowing of the arrival back to my deep sense and belonging of my femininity.  I really didn’t think was an option, especially to this degree – so needless to express that I’m particularly joyous about the new beginnings I have opened myself to, without fear of retribution, guilt and judgement of myself.

Sincere gratitude to you John, for unknowingly unlocking some of my deepest sadnesses and showing me that I’m safe to be me in my expression and that deep wounds and scars are to be loved and can be put into perspective. Cheers and love to you.

W, Sydney

I’m so glad I met you and it was really tremendous to enjoy sex again after too many years. You reminded me of the magic of a man’s touch and made me feel very desirable and free.  And your “skills” are impressive. Thank you!

Thanks so much … for your body, your time, your conversation.  Take care… And until next time.


I recently had the pleasure of losing my ‘male escort virginity’ to John Oh and thoroughly recommend him to any woman looking for an incredibly gorgeous, genuine, intelligent, caring and thoughtful lover.  Everything about him was professional and outstanding. His knowledge of the female body and mind made for an incredible date. I never had to ask for more, or less, as John was so in tune with my body language.  And yes… the sex was amazing!! It takes a lot to bring me to orgasm, even going solo.  John Oh made this seem like one of the most effortless things he had ever done, and most importantly enjoyed the experience every bit as much as I did.  I can’t wait for our next date.  Beware… he is a little addictive :)

K, NSW Central Coast

“Just wanted to thank you again for last night, had a wonderful night. You made me feel very comfortable and wanted. Enjoyed your company very much especially our little chats, made it all the more natural. The highlight of the night of course was the sex it was amazing!”

D, Sydney

“I had a lot of sexual feelings for about 10 years. One day I asked one of my friends to phone up touching base (a company for people with disabilities seeking an escort). They gave me John’s contacting number. I was so nervous meeting John because I am going to lose my virginity and it will be my first time with an able body man.

I arranged to meet John and we talked for a couple of hours.  We arranged to have sex a couple of weeks, later.

Having sex with John for first time was awesome and I was so happy and excited that he has made me a proper woman. We have a lot of sex since then and it is keep being awesome.

John is such a professional man and a sweet man.

L, Sydney

I’m seeing John for about 2 years now and having sex with him is so amazing because he makes me feel so comfortable and relaxing .  There is nothing that he can’t do .  I feel that I can talk to John about anything because he’s so open and having a freedom to talk to him , which I found it really hard to talk to other men , before because I always get scared that they may stop seeing me.

I always looking forward to our dates because the sex is awesome and having a male touching me in parts of my body is unreal .

I would like to say thank you , John for your service and being a gentleman

A, Sydney

I’m 28 and have been thinking about sex since I was 14. However I have been too shy to speak with men, let alone have sex with them. I thought I was doomed to be a virgin forever and had some unhealthy ideas about sex. When I met John that changed. He spent the time to get to know me, and had a lot of interesting things to share with me, this helped me relax. He didn’t rush me into anything, but spent time with simple touching (with clothes on) then moved on to kissing. After a while I chose to have a massage, with underwear on. By that point I was relaxed. The hardest part was choosing to take my underwear off, but once I did it was worth it. He was very professional and caring towards how I was feeling. After a lot of clitoris stimulation we had sex which was a great experience. I was ignorant about the mechanics of sex and John was a patient and dedicated teacher. I now feel more confident within myself, as one of my biggest fears was being naked in front of anyone, and I did it. If you are really nervous, I’d recommend John to get you relaxed and comfortable through all the stages of intercourse.

L, Sydney.


Double Bay, Sydney.

I was a first timer on all fronts – first time escort hirer, first time sex. It was a great experience. I had fun, learnt lots, and now have the confidence to further explore and expand what I have learnt. Thank you John for making me feel comfortable and for an enlightening night.”

S – Canberra – ACT

Wow meeting John was certainly not what I expected. He is a caring, thoughtful and compassionate human being who excels in customer service on every level.

His genuine love of what he does and his desire to meet a womans needs allowed me to feel comfortable from the minute we started chatting and beyond.

I can not suggest strongly enough that you allow yourself to explore what he has to offer. You will have no regrets!!

Thank you Max oops John (lol)

99 – Central Coast – NSW

 As a virgin in my mid-thirties, I was more than ready to have sex, but was highly conscious of the fact that no man has ever been attracted to me. I respect myself too much to have attempted a sloppy, drunken encounter just to get my virginity out of the way, and consider myself exceedingly lucky to have stumbled upon John’s website. He was polite enough to answer my questions and give me the opportunity to learn a little bit about him before we set up a date and when we met I found him to be as friendly, non judgemental, patient and professional as his emails suggested. My time with John was something of a revelation. I never expected to laugh so much or to have such lighthearted fun! John lived up to his guarantee in EVERY respect. Losing my virginity with him was an experience that was so much better, so much more than I had hoped for in so many ways. I will NEVER regret my decision to lose my virginity with an escort and I sincerely thank you, John, for making my first sexual experience one that I will always treasure.

Helen, Sydney.

Lady’s of any age and size, this is the Man for you. I’m 37yrs old and a larger woman. I had been with the same man for 22yrs and I wanted my first time with someone else to be special and all about my needs.

JOHN was that man to fulfill all my wants and needs. He was gentle and tender waiting for me to be ready. He let me be in control when I wanted, giving himself over to me.

When he was in control, he is one man who knows the female body. Oh my god he has a magic tongue, where and how he learned his technique, I only wish he could have practised on me. He made me feel like a woman, without judgments of how I look or what I needed. He made me feel comfortable and sexy. I will be very happy to recommend him to any woman who want’s to feel wonderful, kissed and held and satisfied beyond your needs. I can’t stop smiling:)

Once again, THANK YOU JOHN xx

K – Sydney

I just don’t know what to say, i cant even think of the words i need to describe what a wonderful, climatic, orgasmic, sensual date i had with you, as a very nervous first timer to hiring a male escort you put me at ease from the first moment we met, you waited until i was ready, you relaxed me and made me feel secure, you made my body tingle and quiver like a young girl being touched for the first time and brought me to full, toe curling, body flexing orgasm many times but what made it very special wasn’t only the fantastic sex but the fact we talked and had very sophisticated and interesting conversations (did i mention the toe curling, body flexing multiple orgasms? )

I asked my self the question will i be booking John the next time he is in my town? And had to reply just try and stop me (i always needed an excuse to visit Sydney as well and now i have found one)

John you have a fan who will have many sleepless nights going over in her head remembering all the delicious things your very nice slender fingers and very powerful tongue did to her.

Till the next time A

John … oh, oh, OH! Thanks for the orgasm – the earth really moved for me. I have never known a man to be so skilled, so patient, so firm-but-gentle, so persistent, and so enthusiastic about producing a female orgasm – and I know it takes a lot of work to get me to climax. In fact, none of the other men I’ve been with had ever bothered: my orgasms came either from my own efforts, or not at all. The service you provide is utterly delicious, and a little bit addictive.

Jane G – Sydney

Dear John (ha! that seems so inappropriate given what I am writing!)

As requested, here is my testimonial for your website. John was recommended to me by a friend after I separated from my husband. I was in need of some spoiling and serious attention from a man. After finding out that he can cook and massage (and more) I chatted with him via email, then phone and arranged to meet for a weekend in Sydney.

What can I say by “wow!”. The sticky date pudding was just divine and I still get tingles remembering the massage … The weekend was utterly delightful, John spoiled me rotten and made me feel like a new woman. I can’t recommend him enough if you need a break from the world and to be treated well by a man with many talents.

Christine N – Melbourne.

I have been seeing John on and off for a few years and use his service occasionally when I have to travel on business and don’t want to go alone. It’s nice to be able to return to the hotel or apartment after a long day and know that dinner will be arranged, a massage available and stimulating conversation can be had. John makes an excellent travelling companion. Oh and he never fails to deliver on his guarantee when I am in the mood.

N.M. – Sydney

From couples …

It took my husband and I a long time to pluck up the courage to seek out a third person to be part of our first threesome. We could not believe our luck and the extent of the pleasure and fun that John brought to us. We had a great evening and enjoyed it so much we asked him to visit us again two nights later. Great conversation, great sex, but looking back, we now realise just how professional John was, making us feel comfortable and relaxed.

I would recommend John to anyone; you will not be disappointed.

LH – Melbourne

Well, as John’s first and longest standing client I get to say “First!”. My husband and I love meeting up with John every now and then. Our last adventure was a day sailing on the harbour (mmmmm strong men pulling on ropes and doing manly things!), then a rather naughty night at his apartment where I had the pleasure of two men making me feel like the centre of their universe. John you have oh so wonderful, talented, wicked hands and tongue and other parts! Looking forward to skiing ;-)

Jan and Grahame – Sydney

Hey John. We just cant get over the sibian. Your talented enough on your own giving T orgasms but that thing is downright dangerouse!!! I think we will be hiring one again soon.

Craig and T. – Sydney

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