A little hiccup

This is just a short post to apologise for the problem yesterday with accessing my site. I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress, which unbeknown to me broke the splash screen and prevented people from accessing the site in full.

This has now been resolved and I am looking at a new splash screen system.


Farewell 2020, hello 2021

I really hope that 2021 be a better year for all of us!

I’m sorry that I have not been posting regularly here, but you know – 2020…

Seriously though, it was a long year with a lot of personal challenges on top of the insanity of covid-19. Thank you to everyone who booked with me last year, for your support. That made it much easier than it could have been.

I am now back at work after a few weeks off and looking forward to meeting new people and renewing my connection with those I already know.

For anyone who may be wondering – I recently closed down my Twitter account. It had served its purpose (supporting and advocating for the sex work industry) at a time where it was under serious threat in Australia, so it was no-longer needed. I will continue to post here however.

So I want to wish everyone well and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!


Back to work

As of July 1st, sex work will be legal again in NSW. So if you have been thinking of making a booking with me, then now is the time to drop me an email, or a text!

I am continuing to socially distance in my personal life (as well as wear a mask and hand sanitise regularly when in public) to reduce your risk if you come to see me.


A more private connection

I wanted to talk about [boring technical website stuff]. It’s not hugely important, but it’s worth a mention.

Some time next year, web browser makers (Mozilla Foundation and Google) are going to make a huge change to the way their browsers warn you about security of websites. In short they are going to warn you every time you visit a site if it doesn’t use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to send data back and forth to your web browser (it’s probably going to be super annoying for a while!). They are doing this to push publishers of websites (like me) to implement SSL and to make your browsing experience a little more private.

SSL (look for the HTTPS prefix in the address of this site and the padlock symbol to know it’s working) encrypts all data that is transferred between my server and your browser. People (like our governments) who care to snoop on our web browsing habits will still be able to see what URL’s you are visiting, but they won’t be able to see exactly what you are reading, or the contents of comment post you may post or similar (not unless they come and browse my website at least).

Any way, when I heard about this upcoming change I contacted my web host and have fully implemented SSL security on my website. So you can rest assured that when you browse my site that no-one is intercepting or modifying the content that gets sent to you. It’s just one more small thing to help protect your privacy.


A Merry Christmas to all

Once again, it has been a long year, sometimes hard, but also filled with wonderful clients and new adventures.

I want to thank everyone for their contribution, for the fun, the great sex, the conversations shared, and the company.  I am very lucky to meet the women and couples who I do.  In every sense, you make my work and life possible.

So, thank you all.  I hope you have a fun and safe holiday, and I look forward to 2016 and hopefully seeing you then!


Welcome to 2014

Welcome to a brand new year.  It seems to me (via observation of friends’ comments on Facebook) that 2013 has been a hard year for a lot of people.  It was a challenge for me too on a number of levels.  But I got through it, and along the way met some fantastic people, had a lot of good experiences and I would like to think, grew as a person.

The challenges that I went through have made it hard to write regularly for a few reasons, but I hope to be able to get back to more regular posts this year.

So in saying farewell to 2013 I would like to thank everyone I met, or continued to see through my work.  At the end of the day, it’s all about you and you continue to make this the best job in the world.

Thank you and I hope that 2014 is a great year for you.


Site outage

This is just a quick note to apologise to anyone who tried to access my site yesterday in the afternoon but couldn’t get to it.  The company who hosts my server had a massive power outage that their backup systems didn’t handle.  The result was that the server went down and a failed hard drive prevented it from coming back up when the power was restored.

The server is back for now, but will go down again today (19th of November) for a short while when the hard drive is being replaced.

So, my apology once again for any inconvenience.  As my partner S said to me yesterday “technology is great, until it stops working …”.


I have the power …

Everyone who visits me has a mobile (cell) phone.  And if it’s an overnight date, then there will often be much digging around for a recharger, hunting for power points etc.

Well, I can now make packing a little bit easier.  If you own a (pre-iphone 5) iphone I now have an iphone charger!  I also have a charger for phones that take a micro USB connector (basically everything other than an iphone).

So no need to lug your charger around with you.  You can visit knowing that you will head off with your battery fully charged!



July 2012 – update

Well, it’s been a while since I posted anything new here and I have been receiving emails asking if everything is ok.  Thank you to everyone who has contacted me, it’s nice to have that kind of support.

Everything is good, but it has been a busy and hard few months with various projects taking up my time and some personal issues of my own making to sort out.  Not to mention that the cold weather just makes me want to stay in bed rather than be out and about!

So.  Stay tuned!  I have some blog posts ready to go and am researching more.