I try to keep this website and my blog a (sex) positive place that educates and entertains. ¬†However it’s time to address the fact that sex work as an industry is entering a “dark age”.

All around the world activist groups are lobbying politicians to criminalise sex work. In jurisdictions like France, and Ireland laws have been passed recently to make the act of paying for sex a criminal offence.

Now this poison has arrived in Australia.

I am dedicating this section of my site to explaining the anti sex work crusade and explaining why we need your help as clients and/or supporters of sex work to fight for our right to sell and purchase sex as consenting adults.

So here’s the call to action:

If you value the role that sex workers perform in our society, if you know a sex worker, or you accept that we have a right to do our job safely, with all of the benefits that other workers enjoy…

Please stand up and support us – sign petitions, write to your local MP, and most of all educate yourself about the issues that effect us.

We are here for you.  But we really need your help!

If you want to know more or get involved, then feel free to email me: