Everyone has questions about my service, so I have collected as many as I can on this page and answered them to save you the trouble of having to ask.

Hopefully I can allay any fears that you might have and pique your curiosity too. If you would like to know something that isn’t covered in this page, or elsewhere in this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email, or phone. I am always happy to talk and answer your questions or concerns, no matter how big, or small.

Arranging a date with me

Q. How does a date with you work?

A. Start by making contact with me by email, phone, or text message.

My diary is quite full most weeks, so please contact me as far ahead as possible.  If however you are in Sydney and wondering if I am available at short notice, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email, or text message.  I may have a cancellation, or a free evening or day that suits you.

You will need to tell me when you would like to see me: daytime, evening, overnight, or multiple days and what you would like to do for our date.

We can then arrange a time to meet and a location that you are comfortable with.

Q. What should I wear on our date?

A. Whatever you are comfortable with. If you would like to dress up, or dress down and relax that is up to you. I will usually wear neat casual clothing, unless our date demands otherwise (like a motorcycle date for which leathers are essential, or a tux, or suit for more formal outings).

Q. What should I bring with me on a date?

A. Usually, you don’t need to bring anything, other than yourself. If we are doing something specific like a motorcycle ride, then I will let you know if there is any special clothing required. I will supply all other requirements, like massage oil, condoms etc.

Q. How can I be sure that it is safe to meet you?

A. This is a reasonable question, and I am happy to do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. We can start by meeting in a public place, like a bar or coffee shop. If you are comfortable, then we can go from there.

I also recommend to my clients that you tell a friend who you can trust what you are doing, where you are going and when, and give them my contact information.

Q. Can I, or should I bring a gift for you?

A. This is entirely up to you, but not necessary. I am happy to accept a gift if you would like to give me one, but it is not necessary on our date.

Q. What are your terms and conditions?

A. Please see my Terms and conditions page. If you have any questions that it doesn’t answer, please email me and I will be happy to assist.

Q. Do you smoke?

A. No, I don’t.

Q. Do you mind if I smoke?

A. No I don’t mind if you smoke, that is fine.

Dinner date

Q. If I want you to cook for me on our date what can you make?

A. This is entirely up to you (subject of course to availability of ingredients!). So, think hard and pick something that would really make the date for you. I can cook most styles: Italian, Indian, French, many East Asian dishes, Mexican, and Spanish are just a few that I do on a regular basis). If you would like me to create a menu, then I can also do that.

Q. I am vegetarian, can you cook a vegetarian meal for us?

A. Yes I can. Vegetarian is fine and I have plenty of recipes to choose from

Q. Can you cook me a souffle?

A. Yes. Sweet, or savoury, I can make you are light, delicious souffle. If it’s chocolate that you want, then you are in for a treat. I use a very rare hand made dark chocolate that has the most intense, rich chocolate flavour.

Sex and safety

Q. Do we have to have sex?

A. No, what we do is entirely up to you. Anything from just talk and relaxation, to massage, erotic massage, sex, and bringing you to orgasm. You are also welcome to change your mind at any time and ask for more, or less!

Q. What can I ask for?

A. You are welcome to ask for anything that you would like to experience.  I may or may not be able to fulfil all of your desires or needs, but I am always happy for you to ask and we can go from there.  

Q. Can we have sex more than once if I want to?

A. Yes, we can have sex as many times as you like on our date. That is only limited by the time that we have together.

Q. Do you practice safe sex?

A. Yes, I always practice safe sex and use condoms without exception.

Q. Do you have regular testing for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)?

A. Yes, I have monthly check-ups and complete STI testing for your safety and mine.

Q. Should I be tested for STIs before I have a date with you?

A. If you are considering having any intimate contact with me on our date, then yes I recommend that you have a full STI test a week or two before we meet.  It is not obligatory, but please consider it as a courtesy to me.  It also means that in the unlikely event that there was a problem with an STI that we will both know that you were clear before we met.

I don’t need to see the results, but if you do get tested then just letting me know that everything is clear would be appreciated.

The tests are simple and free and can be performed by any GP.

If you are considering seeing me regularly, then I would recommend that you get regular testing like I do.  Exploring our sexuality is one of the most enjoyable things that we can do in life, but all of that pleasure can be undone by an STI infection.  Lets treat this issue with the respect that it deserves.

Q. Condoms sometime fail, do I need to use any other form of contraception?

A. No, I had a vasectomy some years ago, so there is absolutely no risk of pregnancy in the unlikely event of a condom breaking. For the record, I have never had a condom break or slip off. I pay particular attention to this.

Q. I have a latex allergy. Can you supply latex free condoms?

A. Yes I can. I keep a supply of both latex and non-latex condoms.  Please let me know if you are allergic to latex.

Q. Do you use drugs?

A. No, never, not ever.


Q. How does payment work?

A. I accept three forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Direct deposit

Cash payments and direct deposit payments (made via OSKO instant transfer) can be made when we finish our booking

My body

Q. What is your penis like?

A. It is a little over six inches long when hard and reasonably thick. I would like to say it is well proportioned.

Q. Are you circumcised?

A. Yes I am.

Q. Do you have much body hair?

A. No. I have a little hair on my lower legs, but my chest, upper legs, back, and arms are essentially hairless. I have light underarm and pubic hair.

Q. Do you get body odour, or use strong deodorant?

A. I am lucky enough to never get body odour, even on hot days, so I don’t need to use antiperspirant, or deodorant.

Q. Do you have any piercings or tatoos?

A. No, I don’t.

Do you cater to …

Q. Do you provide escort services for men?

A. No I do not, sorry.

Q. Body image. I am shy about how my body looks and worry that you might not find me attractive

A. Many women feel this way, but honestly, there is something beautiful in every woman. This is partly why I prefer to make my dates all day, all evening, or overnight. It gives us time to overcome any anxiety that you may feel, to let you relax and really enjoy yourself, and see that I enjoy being with you too.

If you are nervous about making a booking with me, please don’t be, feel free to send me an email, or text, or to call and just have a chat. Get to know me, and take the time to be comfortable and confident before you make a date.

I happened across an article called “What a man sees when you are naked“. I think that the article describes the way that I feel and respond to a naked woman quite well. The comments are real pleasure to read. It is great to hear real men talking about how much they love to see their partners naked regardless of their body type.

Q. I am older / younger than you, can I still book a date with you?

A. Yes, of course. Age and experience is not an issue at all.

Q. I have a physical or mental impairment, can I still book a date with you?

A. Yes you can. I don’t have training in disability services, but I am quite comfortable with physical and mental impairment. I take the attitude that whatever it is, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself. Feel free to talk to me, explain your situation and I am sure that we can work out a date that will give you the pleasure and enjoyment that you want.

I was contacted a while ago by the organisation People With Disabilities.  Since then I have worked with a number of clients with cerebral palsy and other conditions who have been referred to me by PDW

Q. Do you cater to couples?

A. Yes, if you would like me to join you and your partner for a date, then that is fine. I am heterosexual, but quite comfortable to play with couples.

Q. I want to share my date with a female friend. Will you see two of us together?

A. Yes, that is fine (except for a motorcycle date, as there is only room for one passenger!). This is a service that I have occasionally been asked to provide. I am happy to extend my guarantee to both of you on a deluxe date.

Q. I have a particular fantasy that I want to satisfy, can you help me?

A. Yes I can. It’s probably easiest if you send me an email telling me about your fantasy so that we can discuss it and work out any special arrangements for it.

Other questions

Q. Why are you an independent escort rather than work for an agency?

A. I have always worked for myself, as an escort and in other jobs. I prefer the freedom to be able to offer my own unique service, with it’s own style. If I worked for an agency, then I wouldn’t necessarily be able to offer the things that I find are important to women. I would be just one more escort on a list.

If this FAQ hasn’t answered all of your questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email, text, or phone and I will be happy to talk with you.

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