When you don’t want to go all the way

Not everyone wants sex.  Sometimes we crave intimacy – be it companionship, touch, being held, kissing, even oral – but not sex.  It’s a request that I am receiving more and more from women who contact me, wondering if I will do this for them.

The answer is most definitely yes.  If you would like to spend time with me and do anything but penetrative sex, then I am happy to take your booking.  It may seem odd that a male escort would do this, but in reality, it’s quite normal.  My service is about providing for a need that you have, whatever it may be.

You may be concerned about giving me the wrong idea if you are asking for a service like oral sex, but don’t want actual sex, but there is no need to worry.  I take my clients’ boundaries very seriously and will not overstep them.  I have worked with people recovering from trauma, women who are virgins, and others who just have a specific need that they want me to fulfill.  So please don’t hesitate to ask for whatever it is that you would like.

My prices are lower for this service too, since it is less taxing for me to provide.



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