Being nervous is really good

Nearly every email or text message that I receive from a someone contacting me for the first time includes in it somewhere:

“I am quite nervous about contacting you”

It’s entirely understandable to be nervous contacting me. After all, it’s not every day that we break societies (mostly) unwritten laws that women aren’t meant to prioritise sex in their lives, let alone go out and seek it – especially from a male escort. Doing so is definitely pushing boundaries, and whether we are comfortable with our personal choice or not, going against the social norm and contacting a stranger to arrange a date – for sex – is almost certainly going to bring out the nerves and the butterflies in the stomach.

We can experience nervousness and treat it as a bad thing and let it make us question ourselves and our choices, or – and this is my favourite – we can embrace it. Being nervous is I think part of the fun of doing something that pushes your boundaries. Being nervous gives you energy, gives you a kind of excitement, it’s recognition that what you are doing isn’t just another hum-drum part of the every day – it’s new.

So let go of the doubt, let go of the desire for control and certainty and do something that’s a little bit scary, something new, something different. Stretch yourself. Challenge yourself. There are so many benefits to be had. And I’m not just talking about seeing an escort like me, or having sex. There is a whole world of challenges – big and small – out there. Why not take one on? There is so much to gain, and really, so little to lose.


Available in Sydney, and now regularly in Melbourne and Canberra

Male escorting in Australia is an ever evolving industry.  From one year to the next it’s certain that things change.  It is, I expect, part of the evolution of our society.  Years ago most of the women who came to me were in their later forties, recently divorced, and looking for an experience to rebuild their confidence in themselves and their sexuality.

A couple of years later and that age had dropped to early forties and many women were still married, but looking for a way to fill their needs and also maintain their relationship – often for the sake of their children.

Then it was couples looking for safe ways to explore their sexuality and expand their experience together.

Suffice to say that sex work is always different!  Part of that this year has been increased interest in my services from both Melbourne and Canberra.  So much so that I am now traveling to both cities regularly.

If you live in Melbourne and don’t fancy flying to Sydney to see me, then keep an eye on my website and I will publish the dates for my upcoming tours – currently I will be back in Melbourne in the first weekend of September.  I intend to visit Melbourne every second month, so you can also expect to see me there in November, January etc.

Canberra is another story.  Being so close to Sydney it’s easier for me to visit at shorter notice.  I won’t be publishing dates for regular tours in Canberra, but if you are interested in seeing me, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can arrange a time that suits you.


Some good reasons to hire an independent escort (and not go through an agency)

Since becoming a male escort for women I have always worked independently.  I have never worked for an agency and have never wanted to – I feel that if I was part of an agency that it would be impossible for me to provide the service that I want to give  (caring, tailored to each client, and as good as I can make it).  But I haven’t objected to the idea of agencies in the past.  After all, an agency should know their workers, be able to match a man to a client, take the “leg work” out of finding someone suitable for you.

But in reality this may not be the case at all.

I received an email from a long term client of mine the other day that she wants me to share with other women considering hiring a male escort – in the hope that others can avoid her disappointment.

Recently I was unavailable, so she hired a male escort via an agency in Sydney (I don’t know which one).  Below are her words about her experience …

“I recently booked an escort through a local agency. I rang around to inquire who was particularly skilled with oral sex, and one agency recommended a particular escort very highly, so I booked him for one hour. They said that the cost was $350 per hour but that I had to pay his cab fare which was an additional $50. I suggested I pick him up from the city but they said that wasn’t allowed. I asked if I could email him or talk on the phone first, and they said that no contact was allowed prior to the date, so I asked the woman at reception to tell me about him. She told me he had been working for a year, had regular clients most nights, and that he was successful in theatre but did this on the side for cash as he was so good at it. It was like drawing blood from a stone. She wouldn’t tell me more. She kept saying that he was fine and I’d like him. I felt really awkward about having this man over knowing so little, for so much money (of which he only gets half). I also didn’t like that I had to go through this woman. I prefer to deal with people directly, and it felt like she was his wife or something, and I had to get past her.

So when he turned up, it became clear immediately that everything the woman at the agency had told me was a lie. First, he drove in his own car, and had never been informed that he had to take a cab–he said he always drove himself. He’d been working part time for six months, not a year. He had no regular clients, and was a stagehand, one night a week, hardly big in the theatre industry.

I paid him, because he’d come all that way. He had to ring this woman when he arrived, and then again exactly on the hour. I felt rushed. There was no time to chat or get to know each other. We literally had 60 minutes, since I didn’t want to spend an additional $300 for the second hour not knowing anything about him in advance. So we quickly got undressed. He was not particularly fit, and not well endowed.  His body type wasn’t anything like I had been lead to expect (including heaps of body hair and lots of piercings).

Oral sex was ok, but not the amazing experience I’d been promised. He couldn’t maintain an erection very long in the condom. His phone buzzed to remind him the hour was up, then he rang the agency and left. I felt cheated. I mean, it was sort of like ordering pizza, there was nothing personal about it.

Fortunately I have John Oh. Everything about him is different. I could email, ring, skype, whatever, as much as I wanted before the date. In fact, I never felt like I needed to become best friends with the escort I was booking, but just felt entitled to some basic personal communication to know what the man is like. It’s reassuring. I got that with John. And he is exactly what he says–no deception.

His skills are undeniable. From oral sex, to just touching, and intercourse, he does it all with expertise, and can have sex as many times as I wanted. There is just no bullshit, and frankly, I’ve got a busy life. I don’t have time or money to try out all the men out there for their skills, and go through some woman at an agency who feeds me lies. I would never try an agency again, I would only ever go for independent escorts (and in Sydney I would only ever choose John Oh).”

I have never been critical of agencies before (despite hearing a similar story a couple of years ago from a couple who booked a date with me for their first threesome, then with an agency worker a few weeks later).  I have always thought “live and let live”.  But having heard this I think that it is time to take a stand for all of us independent escorts (male and female).

Hire one of us, don’t go to an agency.

It’s a simple as this: when you choose an independent escort you can have a very good idea of what you are getting (good or bad) and you can easily avoid an escort who isn’t suited to you.  Go to an agency and you are at the mercy of people who quite possibly just don’t care if you get what you paid (lots!) for.


P.S. it’s worth mentioning that I am not criticising escorts who work for agencies (there will be good and bad workers regardless of whether they are independent or not).  What I object to here is the behaviour of the people who run the agencies.



I am John Oh, straight male escort for women.  I live in Sydney, Australia and work in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

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