Time to visit me in Sydney!

I grew up in Victoria and lived there until I was 28. I have a lot of fond memories of the state including rock climbing in the Grampians and You Yangs, sailing on Port Philip Bay, studying at Swinburne University, and the beaches along the south coast.

But I always had one big problem with Melbourne and Victoria – I really felt the cold during winter! So back in the year 2000 I moved to Sydney. I’ve lived here on and off ever since and while Sydney has it’s issues like any big city I do have to say – winter in Sydney is GREAT.

I just love these mild, sunny winter days. It’s great for walking and exploring, or sitting on the couch with a book – or someone else and a glass of wine!

So if you feel like getting away from Melbourne – or anywhere else that the winter has set in – then why not consider a visit to Sydney and share some time with me.


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