Sydney Harbour – Hermitage Foreshore Walk to Neilsen Park

I got out for a walk today.  Down to Sydney Harbour and along the Hermitage Foreshore Walk to Neilsen Park.  It’s a long time since I have been down that way, so it was lovely, despite the initially cool weather to see the views over the Harbour and walk along the cliffs.

It was very much a “stop and smell the roses” kind of day today.  So I took the camera along with me and made the most of the excursion…




Sun and sand

I had a couple of hours to spare today, so I rode my motorcycle to South Head and then walked down to Lady Bay beach.

Its a small clothing optional beach that, when the tide is in (like today) is not much more than a few meters of rock and sand.

Still, the day was warm and the water was beautiful, cool and clean, so I got to swim for the first time this season. I love salt water. I always feel good after spending time in it. Especially if I can then relax in the sun naked to dry off.

I don’t much go in for tanning, but after a winter of no sunshine I am ready to get just a little bit of colour back again!

Being able to strip off legally is good. There aren’t that many option around inner Sydney. So it was nice to get to Lady Bay today.

No photos to show you sadly, as it’s not really polite to be waving a camera around on a nude beach.