I was having a conversation with a client I have known for a few years now and she made the following comment:

“Your communication has always been what sets you apart from others in your industry.” K. Melbourne

Since day one – all those years ago in 2010 – when I started working as a male escort for women, being a prompt communicator has been a priority. I try my best to reply to all emails, texts, and calls immediately – because when someone makes the effort to contact me I believe that I should respect that not insignificant investment of emotional energy and risk.

But communication – pre and post booking – is about more than just being responsive. Pre-booking it’s part of building the anticipation of what’s to come!

For new clients our pre-booking chat will include talking about your boundaries, worries, needs, and history (if you want to share that with me and think that it will help for me to know). Also we can talk about any requests that you might have. Do you like particular erotic experiences? Are there areas of your body that are especially sensitive and responsive? Are there areas where you don’t like to be touched?

After we have the basics covered then we can talk a little more intimately if you want to. Perhaps plan out a scenario, or discuss in more detail what you want to do with me – flirt and have some fun! This is where the anticipation comes in. It’s one thing to book a date and be comfortable with me, but it can make the whole experience more powerful and fun if we can talk and plan together and build up the excitement about what is to come.

Studies have shown that anticipation of something fun can lift your mood and it can also lower your stress levels – a benefit not to be underestimated in this day and age.

So don’t be shy – conversations with me are always completely private and I will never share them with anyone. let’s plan a date and have some fun building up the anticipation!


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