Disabilitiy donations

This page lists all of the donations made to me to support reducing the cost of my service to people with serious disabilities. Please contact me if you would like to contribute!

All donatins will be anonymous, unless you request otherwise.  If you are an organisation wanting to make a donation, then I am happy to give you public exposure on my site and a link back to you website to say thank you.

Donations made so far:

Total: $560 – That’s my goal reached more than twice now!  Thank you to everyone who has donated.  I am really impressed by the generosity on display here supporting this cause :-)

  • R – $30 – 20/1/2011
  • A – $30 – 7/1/2011
  • K – $130 – 6/1/2012
  • L – $40 – 6/1/2012
  • H – $50 – 30/12/2011
  • S – $30 – 22/12/2011
  • L – $50 – 21/12.2011
  • D – $100 – 19/12/2011
  • John Oh – $100 – 19/12/2011


Admin stuff:

  • I am not a registered charity, so donations are not tax deductable, please just make them out of the goodness of your own heart
  • How do you know that your money will go where I say it will? Good question. Since all contact with me for disabled people comes through the organisation Peole With Disabilities, I consider them to be my watch dog.  If I don’t deliver to the people who they refer to me then they won’t continue to support me.


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