The price of virginity? Too high …

UPDATE: the auction has now finished and it looks like a woman had the highest bid.  Thankfully! (of $3000).

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to contribute, I really appreciate the compassion and generosity that you showed.


I came across an article today in the Fairfax Daily Life website:

Initially I thought “oh yes, just another virginity for sale story”.  I thought it was going to be about a guy auctioning his virginity as we read about women doing occasionally.  In principle I don’t have a problem with this sort of thing.  We live in a world where everything is driven by money, so if a person is mature enough and self directed to auction their virginity then it’s a genuine way to get ahead, pay for your education, put down a deposit for a house etc.  It makes sense and if you are an adult then no-one can stop you, even if I might advise against it personally.

What was described in this article though is utterly wrong.

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