Sweet Sybian Sydney – update

Sweet Sybian Sydney have just let me know that their next party will be on Saturday the 21st of January 2012. They may also be running another smaller more intimate party prior to then.

If you would like to go along then let me know and I can arrange it.  Don’t forget that if you book an overnight date then I will include a Sweety Sybian gift voucher if you would like to try it out.

For the full story on the Sybian, go here


The Sybian

Some years ago I came across what was and I think still is considered the ultimate vibrating sex toy for women: The Sybian.

A Sybian (on the right) with accessories and attachments

A Sybian (on the right) with accessories and attachments

This is a Sybian. It’s designed to be sat upon (with your choice of attachment for penetration, or not).  And it has a remote control unit for vibration speed/power.

A woman can use the Sybian on her own, or with the soft cover without the penetration insert (bottom centre in the photo) then it is possible for a couple to have sex doggy style while she receives strong clitoral stimulation.

I mentioned the Sybian to a client the other day (hi Rachael!) and she came across a relatively new site through Google of a Sydney based company that offers Sybian parties and hire.

You can see their site here:


Sweet Sybian Sydney run parties just for women and also for couples to try out a Sybian.