Things you don’t know about maths and sex work

My recent interest in mathematics lead me to this website: and also to the mailing list that the owner Kalid Azad runs.

His most recent email titled The Simple Intuition Behind Counting, is a cracker. I won’t try to explain it, but take a moment, go to the site, have a look at the archive. It really is eye opening to have your fundamental ideas about the things that you “know” challenged.

To this end I want to mention another occasion where I had my beliefs altered by evidence. That was in the debate surrounding sex work. I used to believe that regulation (meaning licensing) of brothels was a good things, while private worker should be decriminalised fully (meaning no regulation, no licensing etc).

It was a naive view that came from a lack of education, even if I thought that it was reasonable. Continue reading

Please – sign our petition and help protect our industry

There is a petition being run to help gain support for the continuation of decriminalisation of sex work in NSW.  You can read a bit more about the context two posts down.  Your support would be invaluable.  Please consider signing the petition here:

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