The price of virginity? Too high …

UPDATE: the auction has now finished and it looks like a woman had the highest bid.  Thankfully! (of $3000).

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to contribute, I really appreciate the compassion and generosity that you showed.


I came across an article today in the Fairfax Daily Life website:

Initially I thought “oh yes, just another virginity for sale story”.  I thought it was going to be about a guy auctioning his virginity as we read about women doing occasionally.  In principle I don’t have a problem with this sort of thing.  We live in a world where everything is driven by money, so if a person is mature enough and self directed to auction their virginity then it’s a genuine way to get ahead, pay for your education, put down a deposit for a house etc.  It makes sense and if you are an adult then no-one can stop you, even if I might advise against it personally.

What was described in this article though is utterly wrong.

Melbourne filmmaker Justin Sisley is auctioning the virginity of two young people (one male and one female).  The male is a Russian immigrant called Alexander Stepanov.  The opening words of the article say:

“Alexander Stepanov is terrified.”

In seven days Alexander’s virginity will be sold to the highest bidder by Justin Sisley.  And Alexander will have to have sex with the person – be they male or female.  Here’s some background (derived from the article):

Alexander …

– Has diagnosed clinical depression
– Has never had a girlfriend or any kind of relationship
– Has been unable to complete any TAFE course that he has begun because of what sounds like profound difficulties fitting in socially
– Is (according to his stated preference) heterosexual

and now he faces the likely prospect of having to have sex for the first time with a man (note: I have nothing against homosexual sex, if you identify as gay or lesbian then more power to you, but I would be just as upset if someone wanted to force a gay person to have heterosexual sex).  This is nothing short of barbaric.  And, if I am not mistaken, runs a very serious risk of doing Alexander serious permanent mental harm.  Perhaps even putting him at risk of suicide.

Alexander needs two things: a lawyer, and someone who’s concern for his well being isn’t conflicted with their own commercial interests (Justin Sisley may have paid for two years of therapy for Alexander, but having learned that Alexander has clinical depression he should have terminated the experiment).

My job as a male escort for women – one who actively promotes a service to women wanting to lose their virginity – is to do everything that I can to make that experience a positive one.  I know how vulnerable a person can be for their first sexual encounter.  I also know how transformative a good experience can be, both at the time and later in life.

Alexander should never have been invited to participate in the documentary and now he needs someone to help him out of the corner that he has been backed into.  I want to …

– Raise enough money to win the auction for Alexander’s virginity.  I will commit $500 toward that goal to start things off
– Give Alexander the option of not having sex with anyone if he doesn’t want to, or match him with a caring woman who I know will make his first experience of sex a good one.

I am asking everyone who reads this post to please consider donating to this cause.  Any donations, large or small are fine.  Currently we need to raise at least $900 more.  This may increase, but the auction only has seven more days to run.

So, please email me directly with your pledge.

I am all for interesting social experiments, especially around sexuality, but predatory behaviour (like forcing – or even implying – that a heterosexual person contracted to your business who has serious mental health issues is going to have to submit to gay sex) is unacceptable in any circumstance.  Basically it’s facilitating sexual assault.



2 thoughts on “The price of virginity? Too high …

  1. Could he not apply to legal aid to get out of the contract? I would think he would have a good case, as it is a human right to not be forced into sex with another. It would be good if someone could get in contact with him and tell him he has options in that regard.

    • Hi Joanne,

      Thanks for your comment. I am sure that you are right, Alexander could not be forced to have sex against his will, contract or not. The problem here is he is young, depressed, and not necessarily thinking clearly, or able to make good decisions. As you say, it would be good if someone could put his interests ahead of their own.

      My own concern has been reduced a little as the highest bid for Alexander’s virginity (now $2000) appears to be from a woman in Australia, which is very good. The auction has been extended and ends in another three days.

      I will keep an eye on it, but I am hoping that the current bid will be the highest and he will be ok. It doesn’t look like I will be able to raise enough money to intervene, but hopefully it won’t be necessary.


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