Why is it so wrong to “once have been a prostitute”?

Bettina Wolff (wife of former German president Christian Wolff) is waging war on Google to try to dissociate herself from a rumor that she was once a prostitute.

You can read about it here:

http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/bettina-wulff-prostitute-autocomplete-puts-google-in-hot-water-20120919-265i4.htmlI can understand anyone being upset about information that is wrong about them being popularised by Google, but lets look at this another way.  If the rumor was that Bettina Wolff had (in her younger years before she married Cristian Wolff) been a hedge fund manager, would she have taken legal action against Google for propagating the idea?  I am guessing that the answer is no.  She would probably have felt a bit perplexed, shrugged her shoulders then continued on with her day.


Hedge fund manager = good

Prostitute = bad

I expect that you can see why this would get my back up.  I am a prostitute.  I offer my clients a service for money that they can take or leave.  For many it’s a service that is an important and satisfying part of their lives.

Lets compare that to the track record of hedge fund managers over the previous decade: crashed the global economy.  Ruined the lives of millions, never created a single thing of value.

I ask you: who should be more ashamed of their profession?

Bettina, you may never have been a prostitute, but even so, you would be in better company than many other professions.  You should have laughed it off and moved right along.  And anyway, a little salacious gossip like this will only help the sales of your autobiography!


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