G-Spot non-sense

In line with the commercial worlds love of turning every little thing into a “problem” to be commercialised and exploited we now have g-spot collagen injections:


There were two things that caught my eye about this article (that basically sounded like bull-shit – pardon my language!).

‘I attended a consultation, where Professor Dartey explained that injecting collagen into my normal, pea-sized G-spot would enlarge it for up to four months. The results would mean longer, more intense orgasms.’

In my experience a woman’s g-spot is actually quite large.  The area on the front wall of the vagina that we call the g-spot is most definitely not the size of a pea.  It is actually more like the size of the end of you thumb.  It’s an area that when stimulated enlarges and feels pleasurable.  But it does take sustained effort of stimulation and genuine arousal for it to really start feeling good.  It also take practice to learn to really enjoy the sensation and for it to become part of your arousal to orgasm.  So instantly getting long intense orgasms from a collagen injection seems unlikely to me. 

The more I read over the article the more the section at the bottom sounds like an advertorial for the procedure.  No real surprise there.

This topic really is too big to cover in just one short blog post, so I will finish off saying this:

Like labiaplasty, or any cosmetic genital surgery if you are contemplating a g-spot collagen injection, then here’s a challenge for you: come and see me first.  Book a date with me and I will show you just how good your g-spot can feel, without having to have someone inject your vagina with a great big needle (yes, that should be scary!).

I can also show you how to teach a partner to find it, how to use toys to stimulate it, and what sex positions will give you the most g-spot stimulation.

It’s not hard, but it helps to learn from someone with some experience.


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