Sensual afternoon…

Would you like to slow down for a little while? Take a bath together… Spend some time exploring touch and kissing… Then going further…

I wanted to make a film that showed how a booking with me might look and feel. It took a lot of talk and planning and effort to create something that we are both happy with – but we succeeded – and I hope that you enjoyed it too.

Making this film with Emelia was a journey that I am proud to have been a part of and to have shared with her. I am proud to share this special film with the world.

I have been wanting to create a film for John’s website for a while now however, I have always had some hesitation and insecurities about my appearance not being good enough especially when I am naked in the bedroom.

Being a late forties, size 12,  petite A cup breasted women with cellulite to my body in particular to my thighs and buttocks on most days, I am ashamed to look at myself naked in the mirror.

It took several conversations and reassurance from John that with the right lighting and camera angles, my body would indeed look sexy for me to finally agree with myself that I was brave enough to make the film with him.

I am hoping that prospective clients watching the film will see that John provides a safe and non judgemental environment regardless of your age, body type, disability, or background.

It’s a place where you can experience immense pleasure, explore and grow in your own sexuality.

Thank you John for allowing me to create this with you. I am more confident within myself and the mirror now sees a body that is unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

I would like to say thank you to Emelia for her courage and generosity both to me and to the women who might be struggling with their self image in similar ways to her.  You are all beautiful and sexy just the way you are.


4 thoughts on “Sensual afternoon…

    • Hi S, I hope you meet someone to do this with too :-)
      You are always welcome to make a booking with me as a way to explore your sexuality and build your confidence if that’s something that might help.

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