Sweet Sybian Sydney – The inside story

Well, I attended my first Sweet Sybian Sydney party on Friday last week.  I have recieved a lot of email about Sweet Sybian Sydney since I blogged about it recently and I want to let everyone know that results.

The bottom line is … it was a fantastic party. If you are at all interested in the Sybian, then I highly recommend contacting Sweet Sybian Sydney, either for a private session, or to attend their next party (on the 21st of January).

So, what was the party like?

The venue is a very nice, well appointed unit in Artarmon, which is easy to get to, with plenty of parking available near by. There is a balcony available for smokers, plenty of food and drink and a relaxed and very positive, not sleazy at all atmosphere.

Sweet Sybian hosts Paul and Fleur are great.  They are really relaxed, considerate people, who look after their guest.  They gave a detailed demonstration (yes, a real demonstration by Fleur) of the Sybian to all guests before we were invited to try out the Sybian for ourselves.  This made setup and operation for each couple easy (and of course Fleur and Paul provided assistance if required).

Each machine is set up in its own room, with a bathroom available to each, so you can have complete privacy while you try it out.  If however you are more adventurous (as many couples were that night), you can leave the door open when you play with the Sybian to allow other couples to watch.

Each couple were given two half hour sessions with one of the two Sybians, let me just say that once you got set up and going, the time flew by!  You could spend a serious amount of time with one of these things.

Possibly the most important thing to know is that the machine itself (like any toy) takes time to get used to.  It has a lot of different covers (penetrating, or not, large, small, g-spot, deep, not deep).  You can adjust the height of the unit (low down, or up on a higher stand).  And you can adjust a component that causes more or less clitoral stimulation.

So be prepared to spend some time (and even a few sessions even) really getting to know how to set up a Sybian for yourself so that it gives you the maximum amount of pleasure.

Like with any sex toy thought there may be some women for whom the Sybian just doesn’t do it, but honestly, don’t let that worry stop you.  Even if it’s not the best sex toy for you, you would still have had fun on Friday night.

That said, once you have it set up, then the results can be really spectacular.  There were a lot of very happy ladies there at the end of the night!

Which brings me to another point. I think that one of the reasons that the party was so much fun was that the whole reason for everyone being there was the women and their pleasure. Not about their male partners.  All of us men were involved (and had a great time), but every single one of us was there not to please ourselves, but to do everything that we could to give our partners the best time possible.

For me, as someone who really cares about women, their pleasure, and their comfort, I can honestly say that the people who seem to be attracted to Sweet Sybian Sydney are thoughtful and considerate, open and easy to talk to and last but not least: really sexy.

That’s not to say that everyone was a super model, far from it, there was a full range of body types and ages. But I have always maintained that “sexy” is all about your mind, and the people I met on Friday night, possibly because of the comfortable, accepting, and open atmosphere, were all really, really sexy.

So, Sweet Sybian Sydney.  Just do it! It’s fun and safe, and even if you are nervous about being there in a group, I say it’s worth pushing yourself out of your comfort zone as it is an opportunity to experience something that you are unlikely to find anywhere else!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Sybian Sydney – The inside story

  1. Saw the Sybian advertised in U.S. Cosmo during the nineties and ad copy made it sound intimidating. Thanks for a review that makes the opposite seem true.

    • Hi Pura,

      I wouldn’t call it intimidating personally, but you do need a sense of adventure to get the most out of it I think.

      If anyone is thinking of buying a Sybian, I would strongly recommend going to a party like this one first. Try it out (preferably a few times) before you decide one way or another.


  2. John is pretty right here.
    The Sybian is intense and while 90% of women love him on the first experience, some women need to adjust to the intensity. As with all toys, it’s a matter of adjustment and tailoring the experience to suit. The mind is always a major player so engaging the mind as well as the body is essential.
    Dr Phil

    • Hi Phil, thanks for your comment :-)

      I think that the issue of “the mind” is very important. Physical stimulation alone can be enjoyable, but it is multiplied many fold if you can enjoy the setting and the other people at the party.


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