First edit finished!

I just wanted to post a short update – I made a new film recently with a woman who contacted me some time ago in response to a conversation that I had with a commenter about diversity (and the lack there of) in my erotic films.

It’s a valid criticism and I am delighted to have a film made with an older woman with “an average body” in her words.

So I am delighted to be able start to redress that balance. Zoe and I are still working through the final edit and making small changes where required, so it will probably be another week or so before I have the finished film is ready to release – so, something to look forward to for all of you who enjoy my films!

Thank you for watching and thank you Zoe for participating!


8 thoughts on “First edit finished!

    • Hi Mika – I’m sorry it has taken so long. Here’s the good news: I sent what I believe will be the final version to Zoe yesterday for her approval. So once she has signed off on the film I will be posting it. Which will hopefully be in the next day or two!

      Sometimes these films take longer to complete than expected, partly because life is busy, but also because I will often finish an edit then need to walk away from it for a while so that I can come back to it with fresh eyes and make a decision about part of it that I’m not entirely happy with. Put it down to the vagaries of the creative process. So I’m sorry for the delay, but it’s very close now!

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