Keeping up with the competition…

Every few years I take a look around the internet to see who is out here offering male escort services for women. Australia – and especially NSW where sex work in general is decriminalised – has really become a leader in visible male sex workers for women. There are some independent guys, a number of agencies, a few “directories” that offer male services for women, and there’s me.

I was surprised when I looked recently to only find a handful of websites for straight male escorts in Sydney other than my own. That said, there are now a few escort directories that have a selection of men as well. So there is some choice out there.

I’ve been working in this industry for over ten years now full time and I have worn my own little groove in it so to speak. I have a look that is definitely not what people might expect from a male escort (I don’t do lot of abs and muscle flexing and I’m not doing the debonair suit and tie thing). I am much more comfortable in my trademark denim jeans and white t-shirt honestly.

When I look at other male escorts in their suits and ties, or oiled up for the gym I will have a moment and wonder if perhaps I need to be trying to compete with that. Some of those guys look good!

But then I think about who I am and the service that I provide best – that is the opportunity to spend time with a real person – a whole person, not just a fantasy body or face.

What I’m interested in is you and your needs and making you feel great. If you are nervous, then I will put you at ease. If you want to spend time with someone who is fun to be with, share a meal, wine, and conversation, then I’m a good choice. If you just want some good honest sex, then I excel at that. If you want to explore your fantasies and push your boundaries, then I’m a safe and respectful choice with significant experience and no ego. If you just want someone to “see” you and make you feel special for once, then I will absolutely do that for you.

We all have our moments of insecurity in life and I am no different to anyone else in that regard. But I believe 100% that if I tried to be something that I am not then it won’t ring true. I know that most people who contact me have spent a lot of time researching male escorts in general and me in particular, so that effort deserves my respect and my honesty in how I present myself.

I will continue to be myself. And to offer my services my way. If that sounds good to you, then drop me a line – if not, then that’s ok too. There are as I have discovered, some more – if not plenty – of fish in this ocean! Which is good for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Keeping up with the competition…

  1. When I was doing my ‘research’ , your website was the only independent one I found. You’re down to earth & can have an easy conversation about anything with you which is so good.
    It’s crazy how many of the other escorts out there look like models.

    • Thank you Elizabeth :-)
      I try hard to give people a realistic view on this sight of who I am and what I value.

      And yes there are lots of *very* attractive guys out there! And I say that as a confirmed straight male :-)

  2. Hey John, it’s been a long time between chats and even longer since our last booking. I’m reading this blog at a great time because I’m feeling quite insecure in myself right now and this is a good reminder of why I shouldn’t.

    I can categorically say though that you have absolutely no reason to ever doubt yourself or compare yourself to others. You are good looking, charismatic but down to earth, well spoken, well educated and pour your heart and soul into making your clients feel cherished and the only woman on this earth during their time with you. And that’s well before you move onto the earth shattering sex! Who in their right mind would want to choose a suited up or muscle oiled guy in place of what you offer? Not me thank you and your other clients obviously feel the same way or you wouldn’t be so successful.

    You are kind, genuine, selfless and loving and that’s what women want. Well Obviously I can only speak for myself and that was what I wanted/needed at the time…. I was only seeking very vanilla experiences for the few times I saw you, but you gave me everything I needed at the time and I daresay saved my marriage at the time. One day I might have to try something spicier lol. You definitely have no reason to doubt yourself though xx

  3. In positive support for the way you present yourself, a quote from the quintessentially original Dolly Parton, “I know the way I look ain’t in style, but I like to think I’ve got a style of my own!” And so do you, John. When I go wandering in your website, I feel a warmly authentic expression in your ideas, your films and your photographs. I look forward to spending time in your fine company.

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