Shoalhaven River walk

My job as a male escort for women is never dull.  I have said many times that I consider it the best job I have ever had. In large part this is because I regularly meet new and interesting people and often do things that I may not have the chance to otherwise.

A case in point is a trip that I have been asked to take with a client who is fulfilling a dream to walk the Camino Way in France and Spain.  I am going along for the first few days of her odyssey then flying home while she continues on across the mountains.

It will be my first time in both France and Spain and I am looking forward to experiencing new places and cultures, not to mention the views of the Pyrenees Mountains – which we will be walking over.

To that end I need to be in good hill walking shape, because – while the Camino Way is a well worn route that thousands of people walk every year, it’s still a serious climb!  So, in preparation I am varying my normal exercise routine – mostly riding my kickbike around the very flat Olympic Park and its surounds – and adding some serious hill walking.

My first walk was down to the Shoalhaven River in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, a couple of hours south of Sydney.  The Shoalhaven River sits in a very deep gorge that it has carved for itself over the millennia.  And the walk in and out is steep.  The views are beautiful, in that understated Australian landscape way and despite the cold and wind on the valley rim, it was calm and warm down by the river.

It made for an excellent walk that definitely taxed me!  I will be doing similar walks again a few times before I go, and based on the challenge of the first walk it should stand me in good stead for walking the Camino Way!


9 thoughts on “Shoalhaven River walk

  1. well John, how fortune you are but what a bucket list this person has. Training is very important for the many Km to travel but the most important thing is the shoes. having good walking shoes and don’t break in new ones just before you start the true trek. I did a 50km walk through the blue mountains several years ago it was for a good cause as well. I would have done the trip by myself as I have travelled solo for many years and have always found no problems in meeting new people and making travel companions but I do know not every one can do this. Travel safe, stop and look around and most of all enjoy.0

    • Yes, it’s a really good experience to have on ones list I think :-)
      Yes, I have good shoes! Definitely not going to be walking in new shoes for such a serious walk!
      Your Blue Mountains walk sounds great. Personally I prefer walking with others, but yes, walking alone has its own charm :-)

  2. What a wonderful trip to being going on – new adventures for you. Look forward to seeing some wonderful photos of your journey and be safe and enjoy. :)
    Your video of your walk in the Shoalhaven River area is beautiful. It certainly is a beautiful part of our country to see. I would love to take a walk with you in this area to see the nature it has to offer especially the lyrebirds, if you would take me. It’s not a place I would like to walk on my own with the steep terrain and you seem to know the area so well.

    • There will be lots of photos and video – I am really looking forward to that part of the trip! Also considering what I can do that will be different to what most people do creatively to document the trip!

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