A grand day out!

It’s spring in Sydney, the weather is fine, and it’s time for the beach.  What could be more grand than that?

this short film contains nudity and is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

If you would like your own grand day out (or night in) with me, then drop me a line.


12 thoughts on “A grand day out!

  1. Stop it John,
    Its not fare for you to brag about your working day, when I’m working near a beach we have to wear full PPE including clucking steel capped boots. ( no sand in them shoes) Believe us on very hot days all gear is off we make the most of 30 minute lunch break. No lunch that day.

    But it looks very peaceful and beautiful out there.

    Cheers S ;)

    • Sorry Sandra :-) I grant you, it’s one of the perks of self employment. It was a lovely day and the beach and water were great. Lots of people were out though and had the same idea. The parking was not so easy!

      • that’s OK your forgiven John, makes me think I should plan for a grand day out. So all I’ll need to pack that day would be snorkel, goggles and flippers, maybe a nice picnic lunch. mmmmm ?????? need to oganise myself ;-D

  2. When you come out of the surf all dripping and naked I feel like James Bond in the Beach Scene in Dr No: seriously weak at the knees :-)
    Love the driving too – very sporty driving with plenty of lovely forearms, more of those please
    Nice to see you relaxed and happy! thank you for posting the clip

  3. It’s so nice to see you totally relaxed, smiling and having FUN enjoying the water and freedom. It says it all as that gorgeous body walks out of the water.
    I would love my own grand day to share with you! ? xx

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