Triumph at last!

Well, it has taken all of four and a half months, but finally my new bike is on the road!  I picked it up from the mechanics last week (where it was getting a service, new tires, heated hand grips, and a gear rack fitted).  It is a Triumph Daytona 955i – 2002 model.  In short this means that it is … uncommon on the roads in Australia, very sexy, and very fast!  It also stops really well and handles like a dream.  Last but not least it has a very comfortable pillion seat!

The very long delay was caused by a problem acquiring some new fairing panels from a Triumph parts supplier in the UK.  International shipping is not a foolproof process.  However, the panels arrived and were fitted (to replace old panels that were damaged by the previous owner).

I found my bike languishing in an insurance assessor’s shed, only lightly damaged and with 30,000 kms on the clock.  Even with repairs it was a bargain for such a good bike.

I took the bike out today with my partner S playing photographer and we did a photo shoot down by the river.  Results below …


So, like to go for a ride on your date?  Fish and chips on the beach, or a spin up the Old Pacific Highway to the Mt White Cafe?  Just drop me an email.


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