Laser hair removal

A couple of weeks ago I decided to shave myself below the waist line (no not the legs – mine are already naturally almost hair free).  It’s almost the norm of course for women to do this, but most guys don’t give it much though.  I haven’t for many years, but decided it was time for something different.

The results of more smooth skin available to be touched was in a word fabulous for me and generated significant complements too!  So all in all it was a positive change.  Then the re-growth, itching, and ingrown hairs began.  I hadn’t forgotten about this, but it focused my attention.  The new style was such a success that I want to keep it, so the logical solution was to get serious and make it “permanent” with laser removal.

Some research lead me to a beauty salon in my area.  First we did a test patch to see if there would be any problems.  Net result: none what-so-ever.  I had not irritation, no burns, no nothing.  Just hopefully a bikini line that will mostly stay hair free.  It appears that I have skin that is well suited to laser treatment.

So the next day I went back and took the plunge and had the full job done.  As instructed I re-shaved the area to be treated that morning, then submitted to five minutes of varying degrees of discomfort.  It wasn’t particularly painful, just strong sensations in some areas.  Really it was quite easy.

So, now I am a few days down the track and the lasered hair is starting to fall out and I am beginning to get a feel for what the finished result will be like.  In a word: smooth!  I am loving it.  With only a generous patch of pubic hair left at the top, it makes receiving oral sex even more enjoyable (and I expect more comfortable for my partner as there are far fewer stray hairs to deal with!).

The treatment isn’t over yet of course.  I will be going back several more times to weed out the hair that was missed the first time, but I have to say that the effort and minor expense is looking like a good investment.


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