A night out in Newtown

I love Newtown in Sydney. It’s a bit grungy (still. It used to be a lot more so!) and on a Friday night it has plenty going on. From a wide variety of restaurants, to ice-cream shops, the Dendy theatre, to pubs, adult shops, and of course lots of people.

So last night – after visiting the excellent Sushi Train Newtown (on the corner of King and William St) I spent a couple of hours walking King St and taking photos.

Now I don’t consider myself to have the right personality for street photography – street photographers tend to be either really gregarious or pushy and obnoxious, so it takes me out of my comfort zone to take photos this way. It was fun though and I managed to capture some images that I quite like, so I thought I’d share some of them…


2 thoughts on “A night out in Newtown

  1. I love Newtown. Some of my best life memories were made on King St in the 90s. It’s definitely not as raw as it used to be, but I still love it.

    • You are absolutely right – when I first moved to Sydney in 2000 I lived in Chippendale and used to spend time on King St regularly. It was a rougher place back then! But it still has character at least – the gentrification hasn’t killed it yet (Kings Cross is further along that path than Newtown).

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