Come again…

People often ask me if I ever have long term clients.  The answer is yes I do.  Most of my clients I would consider long term one way or another.  Some see me more regularly than others, but it’s rare that I only ever see someone once.

As women become more comfortable with taking control of their sexuality and choosing how and when they want to have sex, many are choosing to see a sex worker like me.  For some it’s a matter of convenience – a sex worker can fit in around your busy schedule, either on call, or as a regular fixture.

Other women are looking for a regular connection, for intimacy, or just way to let go and enjoy themselves without the burden of a relationship that they may not wan’t, be able to find, or have the time and energy for.

Some women enjoy travelling, but not having (or wanting a partner) would like to be able to take someone with them to share the pleasures and burdens of travel.

There are also women who are looking for someone to help them solve a problem – physical, mental, or emotional – that they aren’t able to address with a partner, or on their own.  Sex workers are able to help here too and I have much experience helping women to have sex for the first time, to build their confidence in their bodies and their sexuality, to help them learn skills like giving oral sex, or to re-engage with their bodies and sexuality post marriage.

Few of these things are achieved with just one visit, so I am always happy to see someone when and where and how often they desire.  That said – if you feel like having a fun, safe fling with no consequence then my peers and I are also here for you!


P.S. to celebrate Autumn _finally_ arriving here’s a photo of some spectacular Autumn colours from the blue Mountains!

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