Spanking – for pleasure and pain

When you think of “kinky stuff” spanking is probably one of the first things that comes to mind.  What may surprise you is that in real life spanking is a very popular form of play.  It’s easy, it can be very fun and it’s about as safe as kink gets.

I decided to write this article as spanking is something that I am getting more and more requests for.  Possibly due to the whole Fifty Shades phenomenon …

Here are some facts to start things off:

  • When I say spanking I am referring to spanking with a hand, not a paddle or other device (a much more serious form of spanking)
  • Spanking doesn’t have to be painful, but it can be if you want it to
  • You don’t have to enjoy pain to enjoy being spanked
  • When someone spanks you with their hand, then they feel similar pain to what you feel
  • Spanking can be a trigger for powerful emotions
  • Spanking can be made into a game between you and your partner
  • The pain of spanking can be mixed with the pleasure of intimate touch to create something even more special

Spanking isn’t just for causing pain, gentle spanking is a sensation that can be enjoyed for it’s rhythm, for the connection between partners, for it’s sound, and for it’s “naughtiness” value.  Then again, if you love to challenge yourself physically you may find that a good hard smack on the bottom can be hugely arousing.

If it hurts for you to be spanked, then it’s also hurting the hand of the person doing the spanking!  If you like pushing yourself (and your partner) then spanking is a mutual thing: how far can you go darling?

If you have bottled up stress, or unhappiness that is hard to release, then spanking can be the trigger that allows you to “give yourself permission” and let it all out.  Having a good cry can be cathartic, but it can also come as a huge surprise, so be prepared and ready to reassure your partner that all is ok.

Often the best effect from spanking can come from combining pleasure with pain.  Choose a position where your partner can both spank your bottom and also play with your labia and clitoris and they can blend pleasure and pain into a fascinating new experience.

And at the end, when your bottom is glowing pink and feeling thoroughly stimulated … it’s time for kisses and cuddles, a re-connection that says everything is ok and that we are both happy with what we just did.

Spanking.  More fun than you might expect!