New header images

Just a quick post to mention that I have just uploaded a number of new header images to this site.  If you view another page then a new image will be displayed at random.

Storm clouds over Sydney Opera house and Harbor Bridge

I take all of the header images that I use with the camera in my Samsung Galaxy SII mobile phone.  And it continues to astound me with what it can do.

I am really starting to develop quite a neat little collection of photos of Sydney and its surrounding areas.

For a bit of fun: the first person to tell me the name of the harbor with the sea wall and the light house that features in one of the new headers gets a $100 discount on their booking!


Update: well, it only took about six hours for two people to let me know that this is Wollongong Harbour!  Well done V and J :-) that is some fine Googling on display …


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