August 2012 – update

Well, the months are just flying by and the year really seems to be escaping.  This is just a quick post to say hello.

Firstly, the restoration of my new bike (a Triumph Dayton 995i) progresses well.  The bike is currently off at the mechanics getting a thorough service and a set of new tires.  Parts that I can’t find online are also being procured from Triumph in the U.K.  As expected it’s taking time.  However the bike passed it’s mechanical health check and is looking good.  I have most of the panel repairs done and it is getting close to being ready for re-assembly.  Very exciting!

With spring heading our way I have started working on some projects up at my weekend hideaway preparing to make the most of the next growing season.  Some new fruit trees have been added to the orchard (apples and a pecan), new garden beds place ready for growing produce over summer, and a new fence is going up on the west side of the property to give the very eager wisteria somewhere to grow and provide much needed shade on the west side of the shed.  Basically it’s all happening!


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