Advice, please: Should I do it?

Those of you who have browsed my Links and erotic resources for women page (under the Sexuality menu above) would be familiar with Ms Naughty and her various sex positive porn websites for women.

Ms Naughty is based in Melbourne and has been publishing and now creating erotica specifically for women for a number of years.  Some time ago we swapped site links in the spirit of better Google ranking and have been chatting on and off ever since.

I dropped Ms Naughty a line recently and in her reply she mentioned that she is working on shooting an adult movie here in Australia and then asked if I would be interested in working with her. Specifically, putting my body on the line and acting in a shoot for one of her movies.

Firstly let me say thank you Ms Naughty!  It’s a real compliment that you feel I have what it takes.  We aren’t talking about the poorly directed and shot porn that streams out of the US and Europe in such vast quantities these days, but something more subtle, more sophisticated and hopefully altogether more erotic and arousing.  So to be invited to be a part of that is pleasing.

The question now is: should I do it?  One concern that springs to mind is that I risk picking up the label of “porn star”. And I don’t know if that sits well with who I am.

My partner S responded by suggesting that I write this blog post and pose the question to you my readers.  What do you think?  Should I do it?  Do you think that it would be a positive thing for me to do, or a negative thing?

I don’t like the idea of “managing” my “image”. In fact I don’t like the idea of having an image full stop, but there are always perceptions.  I have worked long and hard to show the world who I am and what I value and I don’t like the idea of having that distorted by a label that may not be accurate.

On the other hand, it is people like Ms Naughty who are out there working hard to change erotica, to make it into something more than the mass porn industry creates.  And I firmly believe that is a cause worth supporting …

So I have a dilemma.  Do I put my body and reputation on the line, or do I decline the invitation?

What do you think?  Would you like to see me in well made erotica?


6 thoughts on “Advice, please: Should I do it?

  1. May I have an each-way bet here, John? :-)

    On one hand, I would love to see how you move, (just in general – no sexual innuendo intended there, honestly), and hear your voice – it would be a nice “preview” to meeting you (hopefully sooner rather than later). On a more general note, well-made, woman-friendly porn would be a delight to find.

    On the other hand, once something like a movie is made … well, in this day and age it’s impossible to keep things private. This site is classy, and from the little contact we have had so far [via email] you have impressed me as an intelligent, caring gentleman. It would be a terrible shame if making one movie undid the reputation you have created, as people do love to slap labels – accurate or otherwise – on others.

    Personally, yes, I’d like to see you in well-made erotica – HOWEVER, on balance, I would judge the possible risks as being too high.

    My (very long) 2 cents worth. :-)

  2. Hi John,
    I have to agree with Tasha. It was because of your intelligent and caring qualities
    that emanated from your site that led me to arrange meeting you.
    Once a “porn star” label is attached to your name, I feel, that perhaps it will become the main focus, overshadowing all the wonderful qualities that you do possess and that would be a great shame, as you have many.

  3. Hi John

    I’m going to have to agree with Tasha and Danila. Every major life experience changes us no matter how much we think it won’t. Your personality gives us the confidence to feel at ease and safe in your company. It would be a shame if taking part in an erotic movie overshadowed even a bit of who you are. I know your respect for women makes you keen to support anything that brings on positive change, however, you are already doing something very revolutionary of your own by providing us girls with this fantastic service. Thankyou :)

  4. Well, what can I say ladies :-) Thank you for such strong support (and thank you to everyone who emailed me privately as well).

    The concensus is that the dreaded public perception makes me accepting this offer just too much of a risk to my work as an escort. I really appreciate all the effort and thought that everyone has put into this topic.

    So I will be declining the offer to participate. It has however given me some ideas and who knows I may put something together myself just for members. So stay tuned!


  5. Hi John,

    I believe you maid a right decision.

    In my opinion being a public porn star and discreet companion appealing to different needs, that must not be mixed.

    I living in Prague, Czech republic – one of the world centers of adult content production – I was approached with the offer a few times. I declined, despite the promises that the content will only be shown to US and Canada customers we are living in the global internet world. Once the content is produced and out – you have no control over it. It is likely hurt to your image as caring and sensual male escort, whom it is possible to socially connect with. In Porn a person seem to be perceived more as of commodity.

    It would be a totally different matter if you decide to produce your own video content, that you 100% control.

    Here may be some video I have found on the net earlier that can be of inspiration to you: [ED: the original link here didn’t work, so I have changed it to point to the EFP samples page]

    Vlad, Educated Male Escort for Woman | Prague

    • Hi Vlad,

      Thanks for your input. The issue of avoiding damage to my reputation is clearly the big one. As you say thought, producing my own content would be a different matter (as I have already done to a small degree with photos and one demo movie on my site).

      I didn’t know that the Czech Republic was a big producer of adult films.

      I have had a look at the Erotic Flesh Productions site and agree that they seem to be making interesting content. It looks like how I would expect professional film makers to make hardcore erotica. I.e. high production values, good lighting and camera work, and excellent editing and post production.

      It’s not that hard surely to transfer these skills (so well developed in every other genre of film and television – except perhaps reality TV …) to the adult film industry.

      I would hope that over time people will start to demand these qualities in their erotica and therefore weed out the rubish. Fingers crossed, but I am not holding my breath.


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