Movie – Good Luck to You, Leo Grand

Whenever I hear of a new movie about sex work I always feel a little bit of anxiety. Will it be true to life? Or will it just be a rehash of stale old tropes about “hookers”, “rent boys”, and “Pretty Woman”.

Well, from what I can see in the trailer the new movie Good Luck to You, Leo Grande seems promising. The scenes shown match my experience of being a male sex worker for women – if a somewhat over dramatic version as I have never met a woman quite so stressed and manic as the female client character that Emma Thompson plays. But this is Hollywood and I guess we just have to expect that they are going to over dramatise everything for effect.

I hope that the movie can focus on the experience of Emma Thompson’s character without getting mired in overly simplistic morality questions about sex work.

We will have to wait and see!

You can see the trailer for Good Luck to You, Leo Grand here:


4 thoughts on “Movie – Good Luck to You, Leo Grand

  1. It does look good! It’s a rom-com so I think the overdramatization is forgivable if the overall story is a good one. I can empathize with her nervousness, and the multiple iterations of “Nancy…” did make me giggle a bit.

    • Yes, the real life experience of seeing a sex worker – while exciting and often nerve wracking – is not really going to make for scintillating viewing so I can forgive the writer for that :-)

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