A delightful story about virginity

I haven’t written anything about virginity for quite a while, so I thought that I would post a link to an article that I stumbled across today:


“Uninterested in a drunken encounter with some stranger from a pub, I decided to use an escort agency. I didn’t want to have to explain the situation. I was shy and embarrassed that I hadn’t had sex at 22. As silly as it sounds, I felt I needed to have sex to grow up, to let go of this unknown yearning inside me that I thought about day in, day out.”

From my years as an escort, I think that this woman’s experience is quite typical.  The nervousness, the yearning, and most of all the desire for something mature and rational, not just driven by emotion, or getting drunk and grabbing the first available guy.

I think that this article is, on the whole a really good example of what the experience of a date with a male escort is like.


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