I am always happy to travel, both interstate and overseas.

If you would like to book a date with me outside of Sydney, then please let me know and we can work out what my travel would cost.


I am currently touring Melbourne every second month. Please see the home page for details of my next tour date.

I am also now available in Canberra on request.  Just drop me a line with your preferred dates and we can arrange a time.

Travel costs:

Bookings outside of Sydney: If you book me to travel outside of Sydney you will need to cover my travel and accommodation costs.  I will calculate them for you when you contact me, and they must be paid in advance.  Travel costs are non-refundable if you have to cancel once I have bought airline tickets and paid for hotels


International travel:

If you would like me to travel internationally – either with you, or to you – then my rates are as follows:

If I have to fly internationally then I charge $1000 per day of travel.

Once we arrive at our destination, my full day rate applies (see my Prices page).

I am happy to make extended bookings (more than one full day), but under the following conditions:

  • Eight hours for sleep each night
  • Two hours per day of private time
  • One day out of every seven to myself

Long duration bookings are taxing and can be stressful.  For me to be at my best, I need good sleep and regular time to myself to rest and centre myself.  If I have this, then I can provide a premium service for the full duration of the booking.


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