virtual experience

a John Oh

The boring Zoom meeting...

I had just gotten home from a long walk the other day and I received a request...

Well of course I can!

I'm in a boring Zoom meeting, can you spice it up for me?

Care to join me for a shower? 😊

Yes to catching a glimpse... or maybe just that bit more of you! 

How about something a little... cheeky?

I'm giggling with delight... keep going! 😉

There is nothing like hot water! I love that feeling when I first step into the shower

I feel like a "Peeping Tom" seeing you in the shower like that...

Mmmmm those shoulders...

You are very welcome to peep! I enjoy an audience 😘

God I wish I was there to give you a hand...

That's funny... so do I 😁

Time for some soap...

That would be lovely if you were 🙂😘

Can I be jealous of the soap? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I won't blame you if you are! But you would be more fun to shower with that the soap 🙂

Giggling again 😊 I guess if I can't be there, this the next best thing... 💋


I am glad you're enjoying it!

I keep thinking it can't get any better... and then it does 😉


Pretty clean now. Time for some shampoo Meet Mr Curly - I think I need a haircut!

Oh that's gold 😂 Good look on you... very cute!

Body brushing for extra smooth skin!

Need a hand? 😏


Ok, all rinsed off 😏 Time for a good towelling down...

Now I'm jealouse of your towel. I can't wait to be able to cross borders again!


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The end...