For women with disabilities

I am quite comfortable with physical and mental impairment. I take the attitude that whatever it is, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring your sexuality.  I don’t have training in working with people with disabilities, but I am patient and respectful and ready to work in whatever way is necessary.

I was recently contacted by the organisation People With Dissabilities and asked if I would make my services available to its members.  I am honoured to have been invited to work with them and intend to complete the training course that they offer for the sex workers that they recommend to improve my knowledge and abilities.

Feel free to talk to me, explain your situation and I am sure that we can work out a date that will give you the pleasure and enjoyment that you want.

If you are a parent of carer researching male escorts on behalf of another person, then I am more than happy to talk with you and arrange all of the details of a date. My only requirement is that the person I am visiting is able to give her concent and has adequate oportunity to decide that she is happy with me as a choice.

I understand that experiences like this can be challenging in many ways, so I am always ready to go slowly and help to make it work.

I offer a discount on my services to clients with a disability.  My rates are as follows:

  • 1 hour: $250
  • 2 hours: $400



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  1. hi John :-)
    I was reading one of your blots on having a bath together . I really like to do that with you . I don’t know how we could do it , but I would like to try that with you . Do you have any ideas ?
    Sounds fun.

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