In my arms

Today I am delighted to share with you a new film that my client Emelia so generously offered to shoot with me.  I think that her words are probably more powerful than anything that I can say and she generously offered to explain her reasons for wanting to shoot with me. 

I have been wanting to make a film with John for his website for a while now, but I have always had some hesitation and insecurity with my body image not being good enough to be used as I have extremely petite breasts.

By making this film, I wanted to show prospective clients, regardless of your body type, age, disability or background John will provide you a safe and non judgemental place where you can experience immense sexual pleasure and explore and grow in your own sexuality.

I would like to say thank you to Emelia for her generosity both to me and to the women who might be struggling with their self image in similar ways to her.  You are all beautiful and sexy just the way you are.

I hope you enjoy our film…



Not everyone is comfortable posting a comment here and one of my clients messaged me privately after she saw this film. I was moved by what she said and asked if I could share it in this post and she said yes…

What your client said about her insecurities is how I feel too. I’m sure all women feel something is wrong with their body.

Life takes its toll. I’m larger and have many scars. Even when I was smaller when I first hired you I was terrified of my scars and cellulite. I didn’t like how thick my thighs were.

You made me feel sexy and comfortable.

And I’ve change sexually since meeting you. I hated men going down on me. I never orgasmed from penetration. I never just asked for sex. I didn’t feel comfortable naked or feel comfortable seeing a man so comfortable naked.

So thank you Bella. I’m glad that I could make that difference for you.


10 thoughts on “In my arms

  1. Oh wow. That’s quite hot to watch. I have small boobs and Ive always been self-conscious about them but I think I’m loving myself more now!

  2. What a great and sexy film, John. Scorching hot! Emelia looks amazing in it, and it sends out such a positive message about body image and acceptance. Huge thanks for creating and sharing this to both of you! Sx

  3. As a person with small breasts it is nice to see and know that you still can enjoy the sensual pleasures of intimacy. I was always ashamed of my small breasts.

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