Breast play with Inessa – NSFW!

A few weeks ago, I received a comment from a reader Vanessa who pointed out that all of the women who I have made films with over the years have been “slim” and that she found that somewhat off putting. It was a reasonable point to raise and one that I have contemplated myself in the past.

The problem is that the women who agree to film with me are a self selecting group – meaning that they are confident enough in their bodies to appear in one of my films, which mostly means that they are relatively slim. Curvy women haven’t volunteered to film with me, so it’s been impossible for me to be more inclusive.

However, coincidentally, after that conversation one of my clients who is quite curvy did agree to film with me. This is the story of how we planned her session and then filmed it…

I have been wanting to make another film for my site for a while, however the stress of covid and difficulties with travel conspired to make it all but impossible until recently. One of my clients – Inessa – volunteered to make a film with me for the website. I spent some time considering what might be fun to film. I have a lot of material featuring massage and oral sex and I wanted to do something different. I came up with the idea of breast play. So I suggested that to Inessa and she liked it.

Here (with her permission) are her ideas about how we could do it…

I’m warm, wet, naked, and in the bath …and pondering on you ‘playing‘ with my naked breasts and making them feel glorious in the process… Here are a few thoughts for you…

Take things slowly. Don’t rush. Make things build; you might even start by kneading my whole breast over my clothes – and I will really enjoy you telling me now and then how much you enjoy my breasts and playing with them; telling me what makes them unique and special to you; telling me how much you enjoy my naked body

Start by deliberately focusing on everywhere but the nipples – undress me and leave me naked to your touch (admittedly with corset on). To relax, and enjoy every moment? I will need to be lying down and comfortable, I think…

So focus to start with on my full breast : touch them, massage them and start to kiss them lightly – talk to me. Tell me specifically what you’re enjoying about my body in the moment . Start to centre in on my nipples and keep your touch really light and tease me . Work me up; focus on my nipples and get me into it and then divert your attention away and back to my fuller breast. Don’t neglect the sides or under boob areas and of course, focus as much attention and sensation on one breast as the other.

Do some actions on both breasts at once, and then Focus in on one breast at a time. Having started light and gentle, get rougher . Blow cool air on my nipples; Now lick them; suck them gently; then suck them hard. Maybe some light biting ? But mix things up because as I build I’ll be wanting more and more. It’ll be like edging – but purely breast focused …I really enjoyed on our Friday session when you suddenly kissed and sucked my breasts having just kissed me – the suddenness of the attention. Sometimes when you’re moving over me you kiss my side or my breast and – that feels really, realllllly good. Just a small moment in passing. Just lovely.

Don’t forget to keep talking and telling me how it’s making you feel – not too much talk , but I really enjoy it when we’re almost whispering our enjoyments to each other in the moment. Just keep mixing things up and then making sensations crescendo through speed and/or intensity.

I honestly think that you’ll know exactly what I enjoy because I respond so naturally to what you do – But yes, thinking it through, then everything I have described here, I would so very much enjoy experiencing you doing with and to me …..mmmmm….I really look forward to it .

I love being your breast muse, John 💋😘

So that was our starting point. We discussed her ideas further and refined them a little, but mostly we ended up filming what she had described. You can see our film here below. I hope you enjoy it…

I am committed to representing as wide a range of women’s body types, ethnicity, and ages as I can. I hope this film has started to broaden that base and show how all women can be sexy, not just a lucky few. If you would like to be part of that celebration, then let me know and we can plan something special for you!


23 thoughts on “Breast play with Inessa – NSFW!

  1. Hi John I’m the one who asked about better representation and wow, what a perfect find! Thank you, and also thanks to Inessa for agreeing to it as well! I personally wouldn’t pigeon hole someone as ‘plus size’ – by whose definition is she a ‘plus’? Is that the way a woman wants to be referred to, like she doesn’t fit society’s ‘size box’? Just something to think about …… Instead, maybe just call Inessa sexy, gorgeous, curvy and fun, which is at least how she comes across in this pretty hot ‘breast play’. It’s so positive to see a real woman represented. Job done!

    • Hi Vanessa – thank you again for your comment. I am glad that you like it. Yes I was very lucky to have this opportunity to shoot with Inessa. I changed my description of her as suggested.

      • Hi John
        This gives me real confidence is how you respect women. Thanks for making the change. I’m in Melbourne so no naughty times for me now, but I’ll definitely keep an eye for when you can travel again. This film got me hot, bothered and very curious. V.

        • Thank you Vanessa. I try to learn from the people around me and fix things when I make a mistake.
          Yes it’s a drag that we can’t travel, but there is always the virtual option now – which is not the same of course, but can be its own fun :-)

    • Thank you Elizabeth, I’m really pleased you enjoyed the film. I’m looking forward to continuing this theme with women with a range of body types.

  2. That’s very very sexy to watch. It needs a definite NSFW warning! I’m actually ‘slim’ by society’s way of measuring but holy hell, watching this makes me want curves!

  3. This is like watching a pre Raphaelite painting come (cum?) to life. Man, those curves and breasts are insane. You are one lucky dude to get to play with those. Kudos! Gimme more of this curve play.

    • Thanks for appreciating curvy ladies, on behalf of one. The media wants us to believe stick thin is what men want and find sexy . I agree with wanting to see more ‘curve play‘ lol!

      • I’m glad I could create something that speaks to you Rachael :-) I will do my best to continue the broader representation. This video has encouraged a number of curvy women to possibly film with me, which is a great sign.

  4. What a celebration of curves! It’s so good to see how you touch each other – sizzling hot chemistry! 🔥 I’m on the curvier/cuddlier side myself, so thanks for the bravery of your gorgeous client Inessa in letting herself be seen.

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